Endless Blog Challenge

Because last week’s threes were such fun, let’s do some more numbers!

3 [song] covers. Yes. What I am asking you is indeed to list 3 covers of the same song. That you actually have listened to.

4 things in my online cart. I’m assuming that at any point in time, most of us have things lying about in online carts. Doesn’t have to be the same cart, a variation of carts will do!

5 likes. Share five posts on any platform you have recently liked.

Bis später!

2 thoughts on “Endless Blog Challenge”

  1. I don’t know if that was intended as a sarcastic “such fun”, but I genuinely like the number ones 😀 (was also thinking about a post about covers – “she did it better”, with female artists doing covers that trump the male original! I might add that anyway, we’ll see.)



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