Four favorite singers

Annie Lennox. Every time I hear her cover of I put on a spell on you I can’t help to think Gawd I ♥ Annie Lennox. And I used to listen to it quite a lot over an extended period of time, it was in one of my workout classes. It was a good class.

Ann-Mari Edvardsen. At one point she was a singer in 3rd and Mortal, far as I know she only recorded one record with them, and I listen to it because of her performance only. There is something about it that is just a little off, and that’s exactly what I like about it.

Sivert Høyem. You know the guy from Madrugada? Lovely voice.

James Veck-Gilodi. Have I mentioned lately how excited I am about seeing Deaf Havana? To no small part because James Veck-Gilodi is just a brilliant, brilliant singer.

Although I should probably not have said anything. I’ll probably be hit with flight cancellation or some such shit.

Oh well.

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post. Past topics for this challenge can be found here.

9 thoughts on “Four favorite singers”

          1. Men! Har du sett vilka som är årets programledare för Musikhjälpen? Jag var SUPERSÄKER på att det var Pelle och Jinder igen i säkert 5 minuter men ack och ve, icke!


          2. Farah är rolig, hon är programledare på P3, you’ll see, you’ll like her 🙂 övriga, kanske blir bra? Men känns ju inte som det kommer att toppa Pelle + Jinder. Ånandracsidan, slipper ju iaf Kodjo..

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          3. Alltså, inte en chans att de toppar Pelle och Jinder. Fast jag har inte nått emot Kodjo heller? (Känner iofs bara till honom från musikhjälpen.)



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