What vegans eat; All the cabbage


This is brown rice + green lentils, bit of aubergine puree and then lots of purple cabbage, regular cabbage and leaf cabbage (a.k.a. kale), fried in some coconut oil with garlic, lime pepper and rosemary. Topped with sesame seed.

I’m about to make myself sick of cabbage.

If such a thing is possible.

I am clearly doubting that it is.

I ♥ cabbage.

5 thoughts on “What vegans eat; All the cabbage”

      1. Pfft in older times they ate cabbage all the time! Are you able to eat that much cabbage without feeling like an inflated balloon? I always feel so bloated from it D:


        1. Well yes. I have two theories though:

          You build up a resistance; my body’s used to all the veggies, it knows what to do.


          You only feel bloated if you have it with other foods that are difficult for your body to digest.


          1. Hmm, maybe it’s a mix of both! After I cut down heavily on meat it seems easier to digest so that’s a plus at least. When we had Fårikål all the time I always felt horrible afterwards because my body digested the meat first and the cabbage second.

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