Experimenting with skincare

I’ve quickly abandoned my environment obsession and replaced it with a keen interest in skincare.

Currently, my skin seems to have two settings: oily or flaky dry. Like WTF?

I care for one reason only: you can’t put makeup on that. Unless you like your makeup patchy. (Did I also have to try just to make sure? You bet I did!)

Enter research skincare.

I have binged skincare by all my favorite YouTubers, added some Caroline Hirons, Under huden med Kakan Hermansson obvs (why didn’t I get on this train sooner?? Her combination of feminism and skincare is beyond brilliant!), and checked cruelty free status of a bunch of brands. It’s pretty much all I do. Read? But why? When I can watch another Pixi cleanser review??

Previously: sorta didn’t watch skincare at all, because what do I care? (Exception: hand creams. Care A LOT. But no one ever talks about that.)

So far though, this has gotten me to a point where I’m more confused than I was before. Certain about one thing only: there’s lots of trial and error to come.

Speaking of which. Went on a wee shopping spree. Sorta wished I’d stumbled on the cheat sheet on Caroline Hirons’ site before that; it’s a what products to spend money on, and what products you can buy for cheap. And grouped and sorted according to age! You have to love that.

Not that I’ve really splurged so far, but I was contemplating an expensive clay mask. However. You can make your own for barely any money! Didn’t even know you could; want to try this asap! Not least because that has to be better for the environment, right??

For similar reasons, I have purchased the camomile cleanser from the Body Shop.


Not sure if it’s a cleanser one should be using if the skin sometimes is on the oily side, but oh, it melts away makeup and makes me forget all about my favorite Superdrug wipes. Also, no wipes=better from an environment point of view. (…apparently didn’t abandon the environment completely..?) Bonus: can keep my contacts in, which I find is frequently a problem with any makeup remover, somehow they get in your eyes an leave a film or some gunk on your contacts.

Unfortunately. Making up for whatever decreased environmental impact the cleanser involves by using C-vitamin peeling pads. People in the know say these specific ones are good. I’m not so sure. Don’t they make me more orange? And sticky? Or is that something else?

What I am most definitely loving tho, is this spatula for mask application.


The feeling of spreading your mask on with this thing is so satisfying.

I’ve settled on this routine as my starting point, but as per usual, I’m not great at following instructions.

I did a wee experiment. Because my face felt sticky, I wanted to see if I was using too much product. So I sorta didn’t moisturize. Until I really felt I needed it and then only with a tiny bit of cream at a time.

Do you know what happens when you do that? (You probably do.)

You get yourself two sizable dry patches, that’s what happens. Skin in general feels kinda tight and itchy too, but that’s a minor problem. By comparison.

And so, mission of the day was to get an exfoliating sponge, preferably an AHA moisturizer, and a good night cream, possibly also an oil for nighttime use. According to online sources, that could maybe work for dry patches.

So I’ve now slathered my poor abused face with the youth concentrate Body Shop gave me, when I bought this serum in oil:


Which I put on top of the concentrate (as instructed, dunno what the concentrate does), serum in oil btw, feels so, so nice on the skin, followed this with a layer of AHA moisturizer:


My skin is not unhappy. Happier than it’s been for weeks actually.

Super excited to see what mood my skin decides to be in tomorrow, if this combo actually was as good as it seems or if it was just for now.

Not quite getting my hopes up. My skin seems just about as fickle as my menstruation.

13 thoughts on “Experimenting with skincare”

  1. Skin is so damned fickle! I can have the same routine for ages and suddenly im just dry everywhere.. lately it has been my nose being weird and oily, but still dry at the same time and its so weird 😦 Do update on how your new combo works though, i’ve been curious about oils and serums but have never tried any of them.

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      1. The L’Oréal clay masks work really well.. But like you said, one can make clay masks for cheaper than what they cost! So a clay+charcoal mask would probably do well. It’s the black one that has worked the best for me.


        1. Have you tried the Body Shop’s sea weed mask? That’s one of my faves. But def agree, clay and charcoal is a magical combination.

          Haven’t tried any masks with acid yet though, I hear such good things of acid, quite looking forward to!


          1. Noo, I’m too stingy to want to spend 198 kroner on a face mask, I would rather buy two of the l’oreal clay ones! Although they’re not cruelty free so they’re not good either, dangit.

            Acids are fun! I used to have a day cream that contained AHA’s and it made my skin feel nice.

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          2. Well. The Body Shop one is actually twice the amount of product which, if I’m not incorrectly informed, makes them just about the same price. Not that I’m trying to convince you! I was just curious.


          3. That’s true, my mind is just stuck in a “don’t spend more than 100 on things because it’s a waste’ kind of mentality.. I’ll just wish for it for Christmas, that’s how I usually do it haha.


  2. Alltså de (oklart precis vilka – internätet?) säger ju att C-vitamin reparerar delar av den cellskada som solen åkallar. Har inte provat det själv, så jag kan inte säga nått om ifall det är/blir kladdigt.

    Precis som Lise vill jag höra mer senare om hur de nya grejerna fungerar! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Å. Jag hittar en grej nu som säger att om det blir orange/kladdigt så beror det på att C-vitaminet oxiderats. Men vad jag då inte förstår är, borde jag inte vilja göra C-vitamin innan en cleanse steget? Eller kanske bara på kväll, fast jag vill ju aldrig ha en sticky feeling. Funderar bara högt här.

      Coming up! 🙂 Oljan verkar än så länge pretty amazing, eller så är det bara chocken av att oljan känns -så här- och inte som typ..smörja in sig med olivolja. Det skulle vara obehagligt.



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