Can I take your drink order?

ONE. Sauvignon blanc.

I’m mad about Sauvignon blanc. If I go out to eat, I will order a glass of Sauvignon blanc every time. Unless there is no Sauvignon blanc. Then I won’t even order a glass of white wine.

TWO. Rosé

A glass of rosé is my second choice. As mentioned before, I am a wino. Not as particular with grapes when it comes to rosé. Any grape/s will do. Long as it doesn’t taste like strawberry.

THREE. Dark and stormy

This marvelous drink I encountered as recently as last fall, at Glasgow’s Stereo. So many reasons to love Stereo. Such a simple drink this, just rum + ginger beer bit of lime. Delicious!

FOUR. Gin & tonic

I used to be a big fan of vodka based drinks. Until I tried a rhubarb vodka. Scarred for life. So I switched vodka for gin.

FIVE. Pimm’s


In Sweden, this tends to be real tricky. Good thing I’m generally only at places where drinks can be ordered when I’m in the UK, where a glass of Pimm’s confuses no one. Best glass of Pimm’s ever: Mosquito in Glasgow. They know what a pitcher of Pimm’s should look like: stock full of strawberries and peppermint.

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post.


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