The Endless Blog Challenge

It is Sunday and it is time for another three topics that you can use at will during the week to come!

As pointed out by one of my co-workers in a meeting the other day, working at uni, we embark on a new year twice a year. January 1st, like the rest of yous, but also when the fall semester starts, i.e. tomorrow.

And you know what new year means—that’s right, time to get back to the gym.

FIVE SONGS FOR THE GYM. We’re talking a playlist that would work excellent with a workout. Please note that this is not the same as 5 songs I really like. Just pointing it out because at my gym, there seem to be some confusion.

CAN I TAKE YOUR DRINK ORDER? If we’re going to be able to deal with a new semester, or getting back to work after summer for that matter, and going to the gym, we’re going to need a drink. What 5 drinks are you likely to order?

WHAT’S FOR DINNER? With all this going to the gym and drinking, who has the time to slave in the kitchen? Share a go-to quick and easy dinner!

Actually. I really want to throw a fourth one in there:

CURRENTLY READING. What are you currently reading and what are your thoughts on it?


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