Dream lineup

This post is a part of the Endless Blog Challenge, which I introduced/created on Sunday.

This prompt asks participants in the challenge to list four bands that should do a tour together.

There is a reason I’m asking for four. It is the perfect number. Have you been to gigs where more than four bands are playing? It’s excruciating. Too long. And more often than not, there will be at least one band that’s just not your cup of tea.

Funny thing is, my dream lineups either are or have at one point in time been touring. The one problem is that they insist on touring where/when I cannot go.

Or well I could. But then I’d have to live off of rice and lentils for the rest of the year. Which is probably where I draw the line.

Here’s an example!

Amity, Alazka and Casey all on the same tour!??!

..not too keen on Counterparts but let’s ignore that for now.

I have done extensive research. Getting to any of these places and not paying a small fortune is difficult. Put mildly. November, December and January are decidedly terrible months to be traveling from Sweden.

Since apparently Europe = German speaking countries, Berlin could be done. But they’re not playing Berlin. (??? Has to be a mistake ???) So I’m assuming they’ve done this on purpose. They’re targeting me specifically, making sure I can’t go. Or maybe to test how badly I want to go? It is one of them two for sure. (Oh yes, the world revolves around me, didn’t you know?)

Other bands also touring terrible places:

Stray from the Path; at least they have the decency to tour a reasonable time of year (October) but Södertälje…? Who plays in Södertälje??? Of all places! Or some non-central place in the general Gothenburg area? That’s a no go. But if I’m being honest, Stray is, at this point in time, the band I’m most keen to see.

Northlane; They’re in the UK late November, and I’m there’s early November, so that doesn’t work, and then Gothenburg in December. Yess.. I can see it now. Stuck on a cold train in the middle of nowhere Sweden in December. I’m going with no…

Thrice; Now if only Thrice could bring Stray along. Or the other way around, doesn’t really matter. I’d even consider the US, which is where they’re touring next.

Architects; They are touring early 2018. January/February in other countries. I feel as if attendance is mandatory. London? Berlin? At the same time. I’m not sure I’m willing to go anywhere that time a year. If they were bringing Stray (det var då ett jävla tjat?!), I could maybe change my mind. They often do, but not this time. For shame


1. I am one whiny fan.

2. Current dream line-up:

Thrice // Stray from the Path // Northlane // Casey

I’d disregard my budget entirely for this lineup at any venue in Glasgow. Any!

Anywhere else: budget might come into play.

3. I live in the wrong place. And I’m not even moving anywhere near the right place. FFS.

9 thoughts on “Dream lineup”

        1. Så här va: om du kan tänka dig att gå kan jag bjuda på biljetten PLUS en drink. For sure. MEN. Vis av erfarenhet, 1 timme med kollektivtrafik, hur pass sent på kvällen en onsdag kan man ta sig tillbaka spelningen?


          1. 23:38 går sista som ger direkttåg hem hit, 00:08 går sista tåget till Rotterdam (därifrån kan en ta taxi för typ €20), så det beror på hur sent de normalt slutar spela 🙂


          2. Det borde ju funka! Generellt är curfew för konserter ca 23. Vet du hur långt det är mellan arena och tågstation?

            Also, några tips på bästa sättet att resa till/från Sverige?


          3. 15 minuters promenad säger Google (jag har aldrig ens varit i Tilburg!).

            Både KLM och SAS flyger flera ggr om dan mellan ARN och Amsterdam. Sen går det kanske nått annat bolag från typ… skavsta? Om det fortfarande är en grej.


          4. Men då är det här ju ett perfekt tillfälle! 😉 Alltså på riktigt, give it a think om du har tid/lust och orkar med lite besök, kanske kika på typ Architects på Reading: https://youtu.be/5iX12XZqxPc och se om det är något du alls orkar med att se (fattar om det inte är det, jag tyckte från början att det såg ut som att det var outhärdligt och lyssnade vid det tillfället helt jävla maniskt på dom sååå..)

            Ja alltså Skavsta har jag gett upp, det får vara någon gräns på snålheten. /hälsningar gammal person

            Alltså..SAS är ju praktiskt taget superbilligt. Så långt görbart, för min del (titta om jag kanske är uppbokad på jobbet/söka om semester? Nejvadå? Det gör man väl sist av allt?)



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