How to go vegan in four easy steps

ONE. Want to be vegan.

You cannot skip this step; you have to want to be vegan. You can’t go ooookeeeyyyyyy…I’m going to tryyyyy to be vegan, maybe I’ll like it (but I’m v. skeptical and I’m not actually going to make an effort). 

That’s just not going to work. Like with everything in life, you will have to want it. If you don’t want it you’re not going to be able to do it. It’s that simple.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to give the vegan diet a go:

♥ All the colorful foods! Why waste time eating boring meat?
♥ You care about the environment.
♥ You want to be ethically superior. (And give the rest of us a bad rep because you’re an arrogant prick, and in the process alienate people from this fabulous way of eating, because they don’t want to be associated with you in any way.) It’s a reason. Albeit a bad one.
♥ Vegan food somehow mysteriously makes it into your feed and you keep thinking Whyy, that looks tasty!
♥ Because you are insanely lazy. Vegan cooking requires exactly no skills. Thus the basis of its appeal!
♥ Because you have a heart and hate that someone should have to sacrifice their life for you. And not even to save your life.

Note that to lose weight is not among the reasons. It’s not that kind of a diet.

TWO. When there is meat on your plate, don’t put it in your mouth.

And by meat I mean all things from an animal. Which sounds easier than it is. This obsession with sticking dairy into everything

Good news! If you’re interested in eating healthy, you’ll want to stay the far, faaar away from the processed food anyway, making it easy to avoid dairy, i.e. making it easy to be vegan!

…and if you’re not concerned with eating healthy (and why would you be?) there’s lots of vegan junk food, don’t you worry about that!

THREE. Stay motivated!

This is where I went wrong the first time.

Unless you are fortunate enough to have lots of vegans among your friends and family, it might seem daunting. And let’s face it, it is going to be difficult to remember why you started unless you have constant reminders.

Here’s what I do: stick lots of vegans into my social feeds. A few suggestions:

Cheap Lazy Vegan. Her relationship to food, in general, is inspirational. Never mind that she’s vegan, go watch her anyway! And that is why I keep mentioning her again, and again, and again…
Moby. You don’t have to like or listen to Moby, you might have to not like Trump though, but we follow Moby because he keep reminding us of why we’re vegan. And. He posts lots of pictures of cows and it makes us happy.
Peta. You don’t have to like Peta, just follow so that you don’t remember where your meat comes from.
Vegokoll—if Swedish is a language you speak. It keeps us up to date with all things vegan. Similarly, Djurens rätt, but you know, any animal rights organization in your location should do the trick.
One Green Planet. Also, visit their website for some recipe inspo!
Jenny Mustard. She makes such pretty food!

Bit trickier: find random people who happen to be vegan, but who you like for other reasons. They’re the best ones.

FOUR. Make it a habit

This is really all there’s to it. What you eat is a habit. Yes, you are going to have to reprogramme, and yes, you’re going to have to accept that soy milk doesn’t taste like cow milk—doesn’t mean it’s gross, it just means it’s a taste you’re not familiar with. Trust me when I say you can learn to love it. You just try it, and try it, and try it again. (Thus the make it a habit, repetition is needed.)

The fact that what we eat is a habit is why going vegan difficult and easy all at the same time. It’s difficult to change your habits, but once you’ve found your way around it’s going to be so easy you’ll think nothing of it. And unlike other diets, way easier to stick to, because you are not going to starve.

If you struggle, it’s not because there’s nothing to eat, the food in itself is not to blame, it’s because you haven’t gotten into the habit yet. But don’t worry about that, just let it take time and remember you don’t have to be perfect.

I should know.

Here’s a little something I did not too long ago. Found amazing soy sausage at the store. Repurchased a few times.

Suddenly decided to actually read the text on the package.

Clearly says it’s ovo-vegetarian. My brain was stuck in soy=vegan. Apparently life is not that simple.

Yeeaaa…that reading thing…

It’s annoying, but I do not beat myself up about it.

And yes. I did also have another non-vegan protein product not that long ago, because my dear sweet mum was trying to do a good thing and get these soy pieces, accidentally ended up getting a non-vegan brand.

I mean she tried. So I had them anyway.

And yes you may think that’s a stupid reason. I prioritize being a decent sort of daughter over being a strict vegan. I get that some people might disagree, doesn’t bother me.

Obviously I’m still lacking 2 habits:

ONE. Read all labels. Always! (Or just stick with beans…)
TWO. Always bring your own protein. (I usually do, but usually isn’t always.)

And if you don’t want to go vegan, do yourself a favor and remember vegan food is not just for vegans, it’s for everyone. It’s not an either or deal. Nobody ever said you had to be vegan to have vegan food.

This all seems obvious?

That’s what I thought too. Until I saw this video on YouTube. And not even an old one (uploaded yesterday). Apparently it’s not obvious at all.

Suggestion: if you try a vegan diet when you really don’t want to be vegan at all, don’t post it on the internet, even if you are in the habit of posting videos where you try a lot of different diets and you should know what you’re doing. We already have our own people giving us a bad rep, we don’t need people who know nothing about how to be vegan to add to it.

And don’t you dare complain when we rip you apart because we can see you clearly set out to show that it wasn’t a diet for you while doing no research and making no effort what so ever.

I mean honestly, what did you expect?

9 thoughts on “How to go vegan in four easy steps”

  1. So where do I find these easy, tasty and filling vegan recipes? And can I freeze them for lunch boxes? 😮
    (Btw, I tried your tip with roasting red cabbage in the oven = delicious! So thanks for that!)


    1. Course you can! It’s all I ever do.

      Well. All over the place is the not very helpful answer. But let’s see if we can work out a few suggestions.

      Cheap Lazy Vegan has a collection of her recipes here: What’s great about her is that she makes food that is easy for anyone to make, and quite frequently food that belongs to the comfort food category which should keep you full.

      I’ve made some of the recipes that Cookie + Kate post here: I know other vegans use this site too, but I don’t think it’s strictly vegan.

      In general though, stews (including curries) usually freeze quite well, I usually freeze everything though. Pretty much. And usually, I just pick out whatever veggies I feel like having, roast in the oven, add a bit of beans or some fake meat and that’s it. Always make enough to freeze.

      But what sort of food do you usually eat? Maybe it can be veganized quite easy?


    2. Kom på en favorit jag hade i början! Daal. Testat? BORDE ha varit det här receptet jag utgick från: Fast några jäkla kardemummakärnor har jag aldrig haft i, och kanelstång har jag rationaliserat bort (wtf? typ 1 tsk kanel malen, lite mindre om man inte tycker det är the amazing shit, ca halv should do it). Koriander kan man hoppa, servera med ris, du kan också använda fryst spenat istället för färsk, går precis lika bra. As for soppa: är det ej, är en gryta.

      Ja som du förstår har jag svårt att följa recept…


      1. yes, vi har ju matbox/låda, och de är rätt påhittiga med recepten, så daal har vi provat. min mage är inte superförtjust i linser, men jag ska testa – det låter och ser gott ut!

        tack för sidorna, ska kolla vad jag kan hitta i helgen 🙂 har tänkt att frukost och lunch borde jag ju lätt kunna hålla (iaf) vegetariska?


        1. Kanske det är för stor mängd? Testa med ca 20 g per portion. Alternativt köp färdigkokta, de ska vara snällare mot magen.

          Ja det borde ju vara lätt, beroende på vad man äter? Annars är också Pinterest ändlös källa till veganinspo.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. LOVE this! Everything is spot-on. I can especially relate to the “vegan food is not just for vegans”. My family and friends seem mind-blown when they find out Oreos, Heat Wave Doritos, or even a type of bread/pasta are vegan. Ready for a world where vegan foods and “normal” foods are one in the same in everyone’s minds! Again, loved the post. Sincerely, Your Newest Follower 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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