The Endless Blog Challenge

Me and hitherdither were talking about taking on another blog challenge, now that we’ve completed the 100 day song challenge.

This time, we thought we’d do a challenge with a bit more variation, i.e. not just music.

After careful research, I’ve decided making up a challenge is the best way to go.

From now on, I’ll be presenting 3 blog post topics every Sunday. The idea is that anyone who feels like it can pick one or more topics to write about, and publish the posts the following week. A very non-committal challenge in other words.

This is going to go on for ever. Thus the name.

Well I mean. It will go on until I grow bored with it.

Without further ado, here are three topics for next week:

DREAM LINEUP. Fall is almost upon us! This means regular tours. Finally! No more of these pesky festivals. What four bands/singers would you love to see tour together this fall? And at what venue would like them to play?

BOOK POETRY. I.e., pick books from your shelves and arrange them to spell out poetry, like so:


She came to stay
watch you bleed

Going down,
I knew I was right

If you want an extra challenge, use this as an excuse to go to the library or a book shop. Or maybe both? Maybe, you can even get multiple posts out of it?

AUGUST WRAP UP. You know I love the end of the month posts. I’d love to see what music, movies and books you’ve consumed this month, preferably with comments, but it’s entirely up to you what you want to include.

Do comment if you decide to join, I’d love to read your posts 🙂

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