You know the fairly recent Linkin Park release Heavy?

The first time I heard this track was when Spotify started autoplaying my Release Radar playlist. Instant reaction:


…how is this Linkin Park…?

Well apparently. They’re doing it on purpose. For this, or a similar, reaction. It’s how I interpret the bizillion interviews on the topic I’ve been watching on YouTube anyway.

You have to appreciate that. That they know that calling a track that is not heavy Heavy is going to upset people.

I think it’s funny.

Even if I’m one of the people who’s kinda upset. Which in itself is a contradiction. I like to think I like pop music. But I don’t really get what it is they’re doing on this track, and would prefer a heavier, or maybe more aggressive, production—not that I could tell you just how to measure heavy, and not that I particularly find that heavy music is better by default (to be perfectly clear: it is not). But still.

But you know, knowing the reasoning behind the track makes me appreciate it more. It makes me add it to my playlists.

I’m not really going anywhere with this. It’s just an observation. The hows and whys of your music choices.

2 thoughts on “Heavy”

    1. Yea..I’m still hoping they’ll hire Oli Sykes, but that’s kinda a little bit wishful thinking I guess.

      Also, you can’t very well say anything bad about the record at this point, unless you just want to look like a complete dick.

      Far as I can tell though, they did try a different style on purpose, part of the idea was to appeal to people who would normally not listen to the record. Soo.. those who don’t like it, it’s likely because they’re not the target audience. I can appreciate the ideas behind it. I mean A for execution, so basically, I’m just saying: yea, agreed, absolutely conflicting feelings.



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