2 tips you’ve in no way asked for


If you’re interested in starting hand lettering, I’d recommend this here book:


Hand Lettering: How It’s Done by Karin Luttenberg. Stumbled on it at the pen store, and it’s way better than the one I ordered after careful research.

It gives you tips on supplies, goes through the basics and provides inspiration; just what you need of you’re just getting started. It’s a great little book.

So that’s what I’ve been doing lately; filling a notebook with pieces of lyrics as a way to practice. Before using it in my bullet journal.



Clearly, my pen storage left something to be desired, so I tweaked my fabric basket recipe and came up with this:

Made to fit my current collection of pens, using a few scraps of fabric I had lying around, and a drawstring, one of the laces from a pair of boots I unfortunately had to part ways with, making it easy to pack up and thrown in a bag, which I have been doing.

So there you go. Two tips. That you probably don’t need.

8 thoughts on “2 tips you’ve in no way asked for”

    1. Haha 😀 Faktiskt nej, enorm affisch som jag betalat pengar för. Eller jag tror det var jag? Kan ha fått från Nina men jag tror jag köpt själv. Tror du jag måste gömma den när de ska fota min lägenhet eller kan det locka köpare tror du?? 😉



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