End of April

Shorts! Spring coat! Boots with no lining! No more mittens! Lots of days off!

I.e. April wasn’t half-bad.


Deaf Havana. Dear god I have a problem. Listened to All these countless nights on repeat repeat repeat.

Dead by April feat. Tommy Körberg. You know, the one I mentioned here.

The music off of Big Little Lies. Forget the soundtrack, search for the playlist some helpful user has compiled.


Eleanor & Park ♥♥♥

Ladydahmer.nu. The angriest feminist I know of, currently my fave blog. (Well obviously, there is literally nothing I like better than an angry feminist.)


Let’s take a moment and appreciate the fact that I have not bought a single piece of anything, clothing or otherwise, that I can put on my body.

…no wait. I did buy another 2 pairs of my fave shorts from H&M. Could I argue it doesn’t count?

On the screen

Loved this video from Jenny Mustard:

Usually, I steer clear of anything called “healthy” as it’s just code for how to lose weight and just ZZZzzZZ. This tho! Does not strike me as aiming to get us to lose any weight at all. Tips I’ll be taking aboard: season with salt when the heat is off, (my salt consumption is out of control), more soy → less salt, more dates → less sugar (I’ve developed a slight fear of sugar because I watched someone who had to pull three teeth as a result of too much sugar. Supposedly. I don’t –actually– believe that is how it works, but my fear of losing teeth is great and on the irrational side), and polenta for crispy potato wedges! And I feel she makes a convincing argument when it comes to snacking?


Hummus. I’ve obviously had hummus plenty before. But my god, ever since my sister made hummus for a pizza, topped with with beet slices and kale I’ve been obsessed.


Finally had to stop following Drop Dead on Instagram. Because why would anyone have malnourished models in their feed voluntairily?

Penntricket. A feminist podcast. They’ve got an episode named after my favorite book Det kallas manhat (English: It’s called hating men), that pretty much says it all.

Plans for May

Was going to say get Netflix back to catch up on Reign, but I kinda already did so I’m not entirely sure what to do with May.


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