Preparing to move #3

I’ve been meaning to sort through my book shelves for aaages.

But it’s hard. I mean books. Even if you don’t read them, I just like the way they look. For the most part.

I have to face the facts though; I cannot be moving books I know there is no way I will not be rereading. I’ve enough stuff as it is.

This is where watching minimalist videos on YouTube comes in handy. The other day I watched Jenny Mustard who had the following brilliant tip: get rid of any book you’re just not going to read again. This is extremely useful advice.

First edit:


I’m planning on a second edit closer to the date of the move; I’m keeping some of the books for now just so that my apartment won’t feel so empty.

In case you were wondering, hardback books can only be recycled if you remove the back, at least in Sweden. If you can’t be bothered to remove the backs, they go into bulky waste (again, at least in Sweden).

Paperbacks can go straight into the recycling bin for paper.

Since most of my books are old books from course reading lists, there’s no way I’d be able to sell them. Not even give them away. Otherwise that would be my first option.

And can I just say; the Keith Richards biography, it’s one of the worst bios I’ve ever read. Kim Gordon’s bio deserves the Nobel Prize by comparison. Thought that’s important to mention, seeing how everyone seem to be misinformed, thinking it’s not only readable but good.

It’s not.

Up next: sorting through my CDs. I want to and don’t want to at the same time.


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