Preparing to move #2

I need to prepare mentally as much as practically for for this move.

To distract myself from the fact that I love where I live, and moving is a hassle, I like to list all the things I can look forward to once I move. Such as:

No more breakfast at work! I get up so early in the morning it makes no sense having breakfast before I get to work. This is something I’m not particularly enjoying. Because it means prepping + bringing more things to work, it’s just an annoyance.

No more commuting! Commuting was old even before I started commuting. Theoretically, I will be able to walk or take the bike to work. Might be to lazy, but I could!

In theory, it’s going to be cheaper. Rent is cheaper, and living closer to work I won’t use the car as much. In reality…it will only be cheaper if the interest doesn’t rise. Not counting on it exactly.

Separate tumbler/dryer; i.e. no more visits to the laundry room because my current combined solution doesn’t dry bed linen particularly well.

Downsizing. Space is great and all, but less space means less cleaning. I’m a fan!

WATER. I’m moving to a place where the water is a. tastier and b. softer. The latter is excellent news for hair, skin and clothes. EXCELLENT!

Closer to the gym. I can go to workouts at all sorts of hours! I.e. regular Saturday morning workouts, yay! And Sundays too!

When I worry that I’m burning down the house with my hot tools, or that I forgot to lock the door, or when I actually do forget my lunch, I can go home and check/get it!

Traveling will be easier. Because you always travel south, and you always go from where I currently live to where I’m moving first.

I could visit the cats more often. Not that it’s something they give a fuck about. But you know. Anyway.

The general clearing out of things that is the unavoidable result of moving. It’d be great if I could learn to not gather so much stuff, but until that day…


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