Preparing to move #1

So what if it’s 53+ weeks until I actually move, I need to prepare!

Very sensibly, I’m starting by trying to guess if I can bring all of my furniture. I am downsizing, from a 2-bedroom 65-square meter apartment to a one bedroom 54-square meter apartment, so it’s basically unlikely it’ll all fit.

I’m using a trick my mother told me: draw up the space, then draw up and cut out your furniture according to scale and simply see if they’ll fit.

Well acually, I just copied + enlarged the actual floor plan, because I’m not great with measurements.

(I’ve excluded chairs and some shelves, they take up like no space so what’s the point.)

Floor plan

A few options:


It would be best to get rid of a piece or two. Large desk and two chest of drawers are current candidates.

Piano. Can only go it I can fit it into the storage. I mean it fits, it’s just I don’t know if they’re planning on putting up shelves in that space or not. Or if I need it for other things.

..should probably abandon the idea of bringing it. Should probably look into selling it.


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