100 day song challenge #13

#13 A song that reminds you of winter

You have no idea how I struggled with this prompt. Apparently no song reminds me of winter.

I was googling/searchih Spotify for random winter related terms. Dunno what I thought that was going to give me, just because it’s called February Song doesn’t mean it reminds me of winter (in this specific case, the song reminds me of start of semester, i.e. late August).

So we’re going with a song that reminds me of a specific winter. I forget which year, but the winter I spent living on Oscarsgatan. I’m sure it was perpetual winter when I lived there.

Actually. Come to think of it, at the time, I was listening to John Frusciante’s recently released The Empyrean like a woman possessed. Which must mean it was in 2009.

This is John Frusciante’s Central.

It makes me sad to think how I fall out of love with music. I used to love this song so much, right now, can barely stand it.


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