100 day song challenge #49

#49 A song with the word go in the title

When you go to gigs in Glasgow you’ll quickly notice that they have a chant they do regardless of show; here we here we here we fucking go.

The Architects show in november was no exception.

Mr Singer guy cleverly said that this was basically the audience writing songs for them; that a song should be made including the line here we fucking go.

Little did he know that there already is (at least one) such song. This little song called Go square go by Glasgow band Glasvegas.

Naturally, I’ll be expecting a cover. Can’t even begin to imagine what that would sound like. Except for a lot of noise.

Let’s pray he’ll remain ignorant.

5 thoughts on “100 day song challenge #49”

    1. Really? Had no idea you liked Glasvegas! 🙂 But that’s good, då vet Nina och jag att vi ska släpa med dig nästa gång de spelar.

      ..under förutsättning att det händer. Just nu ser det kanske inte så ljust ut.



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