A book you’ve probably already read


I’m still procrastinating my Kim Gordon read. Instead I’ve been reading The Fault in Our Stars.

Feels like just about everyone has read it already. I probably would have read it too, if I hadn’t had a falling out with John Green a while back.

I had been reading a few, or a couple at least, of his books and then suddenly there was this one book that just annoyed the hell out of me. Not sure which one it was. Maybe Looking for Alaska? Either way, I just gave up on him. Decided there were other books to read.

But watching the Fault in Our Stars movie I got a bit curious what the book would be like.

Obviously it’s better. I get why people like this book. Even if I can’t help but compare it to Before I Diewhich I definitely prefer. Because I just cannot get past why anyone would cross an ocean for van Houten? (Assuming you’re all familiar with Greens characters? Yes I am.) Did they read his letters before making this stellar decision? I mean really? I don’t buy it. Maybe there’s something I’m missing?

I much prefer the world Jenny Downham has created for her character Tessa. No need for grand gestures or crossing oceans. A story can be interesting even in the everyday setting. But that’s just a personal preference.

Not that I didn’t like Green’s Amsterdam. I did. How could you not?

And not that there is a reason to compare or rate one book over the other, there really isn’t. I’d reread both in a heartbeat.

Safe to say, I think I can get back to reading the rest of Green’s work now.

2 thoughts on “A book you’ve probably already read”

  1. I think part of it was just forcing Amsterdam into it, I believe at least part of the book was written there, paid for by some scholarship/grant from NL as well. And it’s a lovely city. But yes, you have a very valid point – van Houten was an ass!

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