100 day song challenge #47

#47 A song with the word under in the title

Remember back when Evanescence released their debut record? I thought they were soo cool. And for unknown reasons, I also assummed they were from Finland (??? because they were so similar to HIM ???).

Some bands just get it exactly right the first time, whereas others get it right after 6 records. Or so.

Anyway. Going under. It’s not a bad song.

I also have fond memories of hopping around a Scottish gym to Evanescene’s Call me when you’re sober. Body combat class. Have you ever been? It’s like a group of people pretending to be Buffy. Kinda fun once you get into it.

A book you’ve probably already read


I’m still procrastinating my Kim Gordon read. Instead I’ve been reading The Fault in Our Stars.

Feels like just about everyone has read it already. I probably would have read it too, if I hadn’t had a falling out with John Green a while back.

I had been reading a few, or a couple at least, of his books and then suddenly there was this one book that just annoyed the hell out of me. Not sure which one it was. Maybe Looking for Alaska? Either way, I just gave up on him. Decided there were other books to read.

But watching the Fault in Our Stars movie I got a bit curious what the book would be like.

Obviously it’s better. I get why people like this book. Even if I can’t help but compare it to Before I Diewhich I definitely prefer. Because I just cannot get past why anyone would cross an ocean for van Houten? (Assuming you’re all familiar with Greens characters? Yes I am.) Did they read his letters before making this stellar decision? I mean really? I don’t buy it. Maybe there’s something I’m missing?

I much prefer the world Jenny Downham has created for her character Tessa. No need for grand gestures or crossing oceans. A story can be interesting even in the everyday setting. But that’s just a personal preference.

Not that I didn’t like Green’s Amsterdam. I did. How could you not?

And not that there is a reason to compare or rate one book over the other, there really isn’t. I’d reread both in a heartbeat.

Safe to say, I think I can get back to reading the rest of Green’s work now.

Things to do on a Sunday #1

Make scones.


My all-time fave scones are cardamom flavored.


These I actually make according to recipe. Now. I’ve improvised enough times to know I don’t get the cardamom measurements right if I don’t make them exactly this way:

2 dl wheat flour
2 dl whole-wheat flour
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp cardamom
2 milliliter salt
2 tsp baking soda
50 g Carlshamn liquid margarine
1,5 dl almond milk

Mix ingredients well, make two round breads, cut a cross in each, shove in the oven for approx. 12 min in 250°C.

Why bother making any other type bread?

And I want

Dry roads.

A room with this wallpaper on two walls:


Obviously two walls in the same room.

Yes I have it in a different color, what of it?

More time to read!

More gigs to go to. Architects? Sweden? Is that too much to ask?

No more uni texts of the bureaucratic variety to translate. Because it is my firm belief such texts should not exist. Maybe a better way to put it would be: I want uni staff to start writing as if they wanted others to read what they’re writing.



Maybe not this specific one, he already has a family (and he’s so heavy + likes to sleep on top of you), but you know, any excuse for a cat pic?

My neighbors’ kid to stop screaming. Mostly for their sake. I worry about their sanity.

To never go to Annika’s workout classes ever again. I’m sure she’s doing her best, but gym instructor is not her calling.

Glass of wine? Why do I never have wine in the house anymore?

100 day song challenge #15

#15 A song that you would consider a guilty pleasure

Let’s talk about Michael Jackson, shall we?

Or let’s don’t.

I was absolutely obsessed with Michale Jackson when I was younger. And then I grew up and got taste.

At least that’s how I feel right now. I keep going through periods where I think he’s brilliant, and periods where I just find it so incredibly cringy I’d rather just not talk about it at all. Like now.

But I guess at the end of the day he did write some damned good pop songs, and the videos aren’t bad either. I’m still completely obsessed with the a capella bit they’ve added in Smooth Criminial. Not to mention how this video makes you wish you’d taken up dancing.

If only someone would cut the bit with the kids out. Just so out of context.

Reading the books; A book about smear tests, menstruation and a bit of cancer

Remember this book?

die ärzte meerschwein annika lantz vad ska en flicka göra

Not the Meerschwein, the normal-sized one, Vad ska en flicka göra? by Annika Lantz.

I’ve finished reading it and I loved it.

This is also a book about cancer, like I kroppen min by Kristian Gidlund, which I mentioned not too long ago. Led to me sort of expecting it to be kind of like Kristian’s book.

Obviously it’s not. In so many ways. This is a different kind of brilliant altogether. Two main differences contributing to the genius of this book:

  • It’s a funny book. Laughing out loud kind of funny. Just ♥♥♥
  • It’s very graphic and describes in detail what happens to the body when you treated for cancer. Horrible and interesting all at once!

I’m not going to lie though, I did struggle a bit at first. The first half of the book is not about her illness at all, it’s about her life as a kid, in general. I’d been told it was about her cancer diagnosis so I was confused. And a bit disappointed. I’m not overly interested in children nor tellings of childhood.

But then she entered puberty and got her period. There’s an entire chapter about menstruation. An entire chapter! On menstruation! Now that’s on my list of interests, right at the very top.

A few of my favorite parts on the subject:

He squeezed my tender breast and said that it was engorgement. “But she’s sixteen”, mum said, who never struggled with sharing relevant information. “Oh”, the doctor said. “And she’s not breastfeeding, because she hasn’t given birth”, mum said. “Oh”, the doctor said.
I knew you couldn’t go swimming with a sanitary pad – if for no other reason then that it was the size of a tanker and would sink like a stone the second it started taking in water.
I’m not going to lie – I didn’t change my sanitary pad. … I usually use a sock these days.

Let’s pause for a minute. Annika has read Liv Strömqvist’s Kunskapens frukt, it’s a graphic novel and I own it. Obviously love it.

However, unlike Annika, I was’t affected by Liv pointing out what a waste of the Earth’s resources sanitary pads are. And how they’re not biodegradable. I don’t even remember this particular part at all.

In my defense, I don’t use sanitary pads but tampons. Which are probably not great either. Really should make sure to get informed on this subject.

See this is another reason I loved this read; it teaches me things and and makes me think. Even though it’s not the point of the book at all. It’s just a happy side-effect.

OK then! Enough side-tracking.

“But then what is this slime exiting my body attempting to down the neighborhood once a month?”
… “smear tests are an imprecise instrument” (oh!?!) “they only catch eighty percent.” (OH YOU DON’T SAY!)

…did you know this? I honestly thought smear tests were, well, fool-proof? Maybe I just didn’t read the fine print?

Also. They way she talks about her tumor, it’s brilliant!

This tumor must be thinking we’re morons the lot of us! How it’s been sitting there giggling while my gynecologist has been directing the ultrasound around my pussy like some sort of conductor.

To avoid confusion, the transducer used for vaginal ultrasound, it ain’t the size of a conductor’s stick. But how I wish it was. One of the many perks of PCO; you get to have a peek at your insides via vaginal ultrasound. Funfunfun! Especially if one of your ovaries is playing hide and seek.

Final words on this book before I manage to get off track again:

If you heard her radio talk back in June, you’ll recognize the topics and large parts of the book. Which is not a bad thing at all. Unlike Kristian, her talk is well worthwhile. Bit like stating the obvious, considering how talking on the radio is her main profession, she should be quite good at it.

She also manages to cover more ground, she goes beyond the cancer, while still managing to give us all the horrible details, by which I’m not saying this is a better book. It’s just different and could well make a difference in your life.

If I was grading it I’d give it top marks: should be translated and required reading for one and all!

The handwriting tag

Tagged by Lise, thanks love! Who doesn’t like a bit of a tag on a Sunday afternoon?

The Rules

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Best of luck reading this!



Last.fm does this now!?


Love it!

And my stats are up, go me!



Total number of tracks is down, but that’s not important. Totalt time spent listening to music is up. It’s all that matters.

For the life of me I can’t understand how this is still the case:


I simply don’t believe it.

And now I’m off to listen to Deaf Havana because I saw someone with a Deaf Havana t-shirt and was pretty. Fox on it.


100 day song challenge #28

#28 A song connected with a memory

When I started going to the gym, back in 2003 maybe..? I only went to body pump classes. I loooved body pump. Partly because it involved little or no coordination, and I was always a fan of lifting weights.

Also. We had the best instructor. And I’m not just saying this because she had an impeccable taste in music. It was a fact, her classes were always full.

To this day I still think of bicep exercises when I hear Marilyn Manson’s Mobscene.

Body pump at my gym, not what it used to be though. It’s become far more technical, and that’s where I draw the line. You want me to to think and sweat at the same time?? Volunteerily?

I don’t think so.