Must. Not. Reply.

Brace yourselves, I’m about to go on a rant. And it’s going to be nasty.

This is a direct effect of finding the following email in my inbox this morning.


Din ton har rakt igenom detta mejlutbyte varit allmänt tråkig och som statlig tjänsteman hade jag förväntat mig ett bättre bemötande av dig. Du bör fundera på det om du ska fortsätta att svara på mejl för universitetets räkning.




I so want to reply!

If I could reply I’d say the following:

1) Why thank you! This was my intention all along, because you know what, I could see from miiiiiles away that you were an asshole. I read your email. Unfortunately. I really waited it out hoping someone else anyone! would reply. But och alas, Rikard, no one wanted to answer you. I was never interested in doing you any favors what so ever. I don’t know why you would assume that?

2) Fortunately for me, not doing you any favors was easy, because, unsurprisingly, you’re an arrogant prick who think that the rules don’t apply to you. All I had to do was give you the facts. It wasn’t a tone, it was using words sparingly to give you, that’s right, facts. Because I know you, there’s no point using any more words than necessary. This was going to be your reaction no matter what. Yes, you are that obvious. PS. Like what, you tihnk your tone was any better? Please.

3) …you think I’m interested in your opinion on any anything? At all? Why would you think that???? Let me be clear: I ain’t. Nope. Not even a little. I know this is hard, but you’ll just have to try and live with it and not throw a fit about it. For your own sake.

4) You think I have a choice? I hate answering these emails because of people like you. And you lot, you’re just fucking everywhere aren’t you? Uni staff, applicants and students alike. Interesting fact; I find most of you in the human sciences.

5) If I knew how to do a poorer job I would! Because I don’t want to be doing this. Passive aggressive I know. But they keep dragging me back because I’m the best they’ve got. And I don’t even know how that is! This job is so easy ANYONE could do it. Monkies…

But most importantly, I am THRILLED I ruined your day. I ruined your day right? God I hope so! I’m just going to go ahead and decide that I did. If I could ruin a few more of your days, I definitely would. Trust me. Wouldn’t pass on the opportunity!

I’m just fucking annoyed I can’t tell this delusional male that his opinions; could not possibly care less.

This is exactly what you use a blog for right? Get things out of your system? Illustrating just what a nasty person you are?

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