How to screen your Spotify Discover Weekly

The other day I was reading a column where the writer was v. v. upset about what Spotify suggested she’d listen to.

I know the feeling.

But even if I do at times wish there was a button that would block certain bands, like the one used to have, I stopped taking the Spotify suggestions personally aaages ago. It’s not as if I actually need suggestions. I can find new music all by myself,t hanks very much.

There’s definitely a pattern. Well obviously. But on a more personal, practical, and non-technical level, I’ve noticed that Spotify basically only gets my taste when I listen predominantly to Bring Me the Horizon. By contrast, weeks I listen mostly to Architects, I get the stupidest suggestions. No, I’m not going to be listening to Blessthefall, and have we not established that I do not like Thy Art is Murder? The repeated not listening to, it doesn’t tip you off..?

(And if I branched out and listened to OTHER MUSIC more? Who knows what brilliant suggestions I’d get??)

I mean sure, the above examples are cases of trial and error. (I’ve tried more than once too.) But there are ways to pick out the good stuff from your Discover Weekly, without torturing your ears.

This is what I usually do:

Scroll through the list reading the names of the bands/artists. My lists tend to be heavy on the bands. Current ratio: 19 out of 20 are in fact bands. May seem superficial but often the name of a band will just speak volumes about the type of music.

Example: Falling in Reverse and Shredding Brazzers; there’s just no way they’re going to be my taste. Their album artwork confirms this suspicion. Half naked ladies: BORING. In addition to politically incorrect and I kind want to say…retarded..?

Bands with names such as Birds in a Row, Dependence, and Foxblood; now this, I will give a go. Nine times out of ten they’re categorized as post-hardcore or metalcore, or both. Even if it’s not my new favorite band, chances are they’ll keep me interested for a week at the very least.

Names that tell you nothing what so ever; obviously something you need to give a listen!

Well maybe. First:

Check out the album artwork. I will listen to any band with interesting artwork. Will I listen Empty Handed because their artwork is a balloon flying over a snowy landscape? Yes I will! It is clearly an Andrée expedition reference.

Spend a minute reading through song titles. Songs no one needs to listen to ever: songs titled Intro. That’s just not going to be your introduction to any band ever. Songs I will skip in my current list: Hump, Speak Softly, And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope, Genesis. I know already know all I need to know about you lot.

What I’m left listening to? Maybe a handful of songs. Quite enough really.

5 thoughts on “How to screen your Spotify Discover Weekly”

  1. Plus you hear really fast if it’ll (even possibly) be something for you, right? I start listening and if I’m not interested in like 20-30 seconds, I know I won’t be and I can skip to the next song. That way the list is “checked” pretty fast and I can ignore it till the following week.


    1. Oh definitely; for some bands it feels like giving them half of a minute is kinda of a lot of time.

      By which I’m not saying they’ve done a bad job, I’m just saying not my cup of tea.

      Out of curiousity, have you had any brilliant recommendations lately?


      1. Njaa, har lyssnat väldigt lite på den där listan den senaste månaden eller så. Jag har märkt att jag får bäst förslag när jag lyssnat på en viss playlist (min “2016” som består till typ 50% av spotify discovers förslag). Lyssnar jag på annat går det åt helvete med förslagen…



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