End of year summary; This is how I’ll remember 2016

While most years are just a blur to me, I’m pretty sure I’ll remember 2016.

I moved office, from one city to another. No, commuting isn’t great, but I do like having an excuse to own car. I’ve never owned a car before.

View from new office.

Started blogging again; I really did miss it.

Quit the gym in the fall, I thought that it was going to be forever, but before the end of the year I was back at it again. Just different gym. My favorite one so far. I ♥ F&S Svl.

F&S Svl

I’ve learned to not wash my hair every single day, not even every two days; current regime is twice a week, MAX. Never thought I’d see the day.

I starting wearing my glasses in public; which thus far is pretty much unheard of.

Wore lots of different makeup, sometimes liner, sometimes not, sometimes thick eyebrows, sometimes no eyebrows, sometimes neutral shades, sometimes bright orange; it’s almost exhausting.

Went to more gigs in one year than I ever have. I thought I was crazy back in 2006 when I saw Depeche Mode twice in one year, three months apart. This year, I’ve been to see Architects four times, feel zero percent crazy. My only regret is not going to more shows.

architects stockholm 2016 october
Architects at Frysen.

Managed to fit in three trips to the UK; twice to Brighton and once to Glasgow. All of which were successful outings. No luggage lost, no severe delays (if any?), decent hotels even.

I got back into reading; something I did think was a lost cause for a while there.

Got completely lost in metalcore; thought I’d broken up with metal years ago. Apparently no.

Another thought I was over that: dyed hair red. I’d vowed to never dye my hair again. Yes well. I had also decided to not get a car.

Manic Panic vampire red on unbleached hair. In case you ever wondered what that looks like.

Yes, some terrible things happened this year too, I still didn’t hate it. I’d do it again.

I fear 2017 is just not going to measure up to 2016.

If I was the sort of person who did New Year’s resolutions, maybe I’d resolve the following for 2017:

  • Buy less things. Makeup in particular. I’m tired of my own consumption. I struggle to find things because there’s just such a lot of them, and it is a source of bad conscience.
  • Streamline my blog, i.e. work on being a better blogger, take better pictures, narrow my focus, write longer but fewer posts, be less subjective, work on tagging posts appropriately; or just have a goal.
  • Be better at my job. Or at least work on my work ethics. They’re abysmal.
  • Read more non-fiction relating to my work, to become a better reviewer/translator in that area (computer engineering, electronics).
  • Read books out of my comfort zone.
  • Broaden my horizons musically, i.e. listen to different types of music, not just Architects, Amity Affliction, Bring Me the Horizon, Thrice over, and over, and over again.
  • Travel some place new.
  • Go to more gigs.
  • Stop straightening my hair. As in never straightening it, not even 2x/week.
  • Set a goal for my workouts.
  • Simplify makeup routine.

But I think we all know that’s not happening. None of it is.

Lots of love & happy New Year!

signatur 1

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