Top 3 reasons I ♥ working from home

In no particular order:

Sweats. Assembling an outfit & putting on the makeup; I like it well enough. But I also like variation. Not having to think, also big fan. Just falling out of bed, pulling on whatever is closest, braid hair and get going. It’s not bad.

Cat company. Is there a better way to work?? Obvs HELL NO. Can’t I just bring kitty to work? He’s tiny + makes no noise, you won’t even notice, promise! Bonus: keeps you warm.

Kitty. Aka, stealer of your seat.

Time save. No prep work, no travel time, no squinting out of car window trying to figure out just where the hell road is.

Just a shame working on laptop is nowhere near ideal. So even if I could work from home forevermore, I don’t think I will.

All things considered.

But suggesting we get a cat for uni, as health promotion, that’s something I just might do.


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