100 day song challenge #41

#41 A song with “K” as the first letter of the title

Since the letter K is far more common in German than in English, I was hoping to use this category for some of the German music I love.

For the longest time I was stuck thinking about Die Ärzte.

Until I finally remembered Jennifer Rostock. A find via BuViSoCo, which I was quite obsessed with for a while. To no small part because one of my all-time favorite bands with the incredibly inconvenient name Panik (try googling it and ending up where you want to) participated.


Jennifer Rostock is a sort of electro-pop outfit, v. v. catchy. Everything I want The Sounds to be, but which they currently aren’t.

Kopf oder Zahl is a brilliant track, give it a listen if you haven’t already:


signatur 1


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