A week in life; December 2016


Tried a new route to work; no street lights nor road marks, make sense considering darkness reigns for 6 months a year around these parts (????). This was followed by 4 restarts of computer to be able to access my home directory. Such fun! Cheered myself up by buying a Christmas jumper at H&M. Will wear all future Christmases until sequins fall off.


Did I watch Lily Melrose and got good ideas? Yes I did.


Hair treatment! Washing of the hair! Only thing on my mind.

Used this lovely treatment from Lush:


The scent is kind of Christmasy too (i.e. cinnamon). In general in my life, there is not enough Lush scent. I really want to live near a Lush shop. Right by. Next door.

…there might be one other thing on my mind. Glasgow. When can I go back to Glasgow? Anyone good playing anytime soon?


Do you know what day today is? Do you do you?? It’s the day it starts getting lighter! How I have waited for this day. If the world made any kind of sense THIS would be a holiday. It’d be THE holiday.

So by the end of the year it’ll be…approximately 10 more minutes of daylight than today. Only slightly discouraging. At least it’s stopped getting darker.

To give you an idea of the level of darkness around these parts: sunrise is currently 9.21 and sunset is 14.13. It could be worse.

But it could also be better.


Trying to work from home. It’s going great.

ska%cc%88rmavbild-2016-12-22-kl-09-14-03Pondering if they’ll have my head if I translate hejsan as hiya.


A mere 4 hours of work today, followed by a pre-lunch workout class.

You’d think a person would be able to focus for 4 hours. Not so. I can barely focus for 4 minutes. I blame the text. BIRCH algorithm. k-means. Modified cluster feature. Euclidean distance measure. DTW barycenter. Discrete Cosine Transform. Topped with poor grammar. /wants to die


Trying not have too many tasty alcoholic drinks becauuuse…I’m going to the gym tomorrow. I ♥ the gym. Currently more than wine. That’s just all sorts of wrong.

Glass of wine + rum glögg & ginger beer + vegan Christmas plate. Currently no idea why anyone would eat anything other than roasted kale, regardless of  day of the year


Gym! It wasn’t quite this empty, but nearly.


Tomorrow is the day of getting new trainers. Because I’ve yet to encounter a pair of trainers where the cushioning lasts longer than one semester. And I need good cushioning.


signatur 1

2 thoughts on “A week in life; December 2016”

    1. It was! V. v. pleased with it. Although bit bummed I didn’t like the grey one as much, because it was dead witty (you swipe the sequins and it changes from spelling out Ho ho ho to No no no).



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