A day in life; Saturday

I can barely remember the last weekend I was not out and about. Been looking forward just not be traveling for weeks and weeks; not least because my laundry situation has now become unmanageable.

Without further ado, let me take you through my v. v. exciting Saturday!

First things first, a quick shower with these guys:


I am in love with the Soap & Glory shower gel. A) the built-in lotion actually works, I don’t have to moisture up after showering, and B) the scent is so nice. I love the strongly artificial scents too, but this, this is such a lovely well-balanced and quiet scent.

The facial scrub is my current favorite; such a big fan of the charcoal in general, makes my skin happy.

Let’s also quickly mention the post-shower duo:


Bought the cucumber moisturizing cream in a panic; was in the UK, hadn’t enough day cream, just grabbed one in the store.

While I love the cucumber scent, this moisturizer is not for me.

It’s more moisture than I need. Which led to the buying of the far less moisturizing shine control gel. Turns out, not enough moisturizing. WAS TUN? As Blixa would say.

Obviously, you mix them!

Also mixed my greasiest hand lotion and runniest foot lotion into the perfect foot lotion. Apparently it’s how I roll.

Moving on!

Outfit of the day from the most flattering angle giving you pretty much no idea of what it is/looks like:


So I will tell you, this is a pair of black leggings from Vero Moda, best waist ever, a long vest from H&M (they’re claiming it’s a dress, I’m having none of it), a long black cardigan with pockets (!important), it’s so old it’s not exactly lying calling it vintage, and of course, double socks. There are slippers in my wardrobe, but I much prefer the double sock.

Typical Christmastime breakfast table in my house:


I’m having oatmeal porridge (basically served as a pudding), with a banana, some lingonberry jam, shredded coconut, clove (current fave spice), cinnamon and some walnuts. Glass of water and my usual vitamins: iron, zinc, B and D.

..or actually D is a recent addition. I’ve bought into the whole it’s so dark in Sweden we need lots of extra D. One can only wonder how we ever got by before the invention of supplements.

While I wait for the porridge to cool I whip up some saffron granola, looks like this:


Next on the agenda: move car + buy washer fluid for said car.

I’m moving my car because I’m parking in the street until a parking space becomes available, and APPARENTLY, where I live, as in the whole town, we have alternate-side parking.

Best part: they don’t even have to put up signs on the street letting you know. You should just know. Magically I assume.

Did I get a ticket on Wednesday and am I still upset about it? YES.

Good news: I now know EVERYTHING there is to know about the evil that is alternate-side parking.

But that was Wednesday, back to Saturday!

Long as this is the weather, I’m not unhappy about being forced outside. Looks kinda frosty, but it really wasn’t that cold.

The whole moving car buying washer fluid business taken care of, I can settle down with Odinsbarn + Musikhjälpen on the telly. And I obviously have to try out the granola; it is exactly as good as it looks. Highly recommended! Absolutely worth the effort.

I catch up on some YouTube; noticed Rachel Aust has done a few videos on PCOS. V. v. interesting. My PCO really is nothing like PCOS; I’ve got no acne, the hormones they’ve thrown at me have had little/no negative side effects, carbs are not my enemy (unlike PB, i.e. fats), and considering how little exercise I take, I develop muscles quite easily. Just imagine if I put my mind to it, really made an effort, if I was at least a little competitive.

Time for lunch! I’m making a favorite: purple cabbage roasted in creme of artichokes (what really? that’s what it’s called?) and some wasabi sesame spice + ginger, pasta, white beans, and aubergine puree.


I watch episode 3 of The Crown and then I’m not sure what to do, so I start packing for Monday. Because I’ve somehow not managed to get out of the rice pudding dinner we’re having at work. I’m going to be late though because I’m going to the gym. I THOUGHT IF I DIDN’T ACCEPT THE MEETING IN OUTLOOK IT’D BE ASSUMED I WASN’T GOING, WHY IS THAT NOT THE CASE???

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my colleagues. What I hate is myself in social situations. If we could all just gather and talk about the latest Nick Cave release, or Bring Me the Horizon in general, I’d be fine, why can’t we do that??

Anyway. In addition to packing my gym costume I’m packing shorts and a black jumper + favorite scarf to wear to the dinner. Thank god I have a car. Lugging around luggage, I’m over it.


I also decide to try out a new look: a green cream eyeshadow, dash of a gold colored one + black lip. Yea… It probably sounds worse than it was. Because the green isn’t that green, maybe a bit much together with the red hair tho, either way. You’re spared evidence on account of the lighting in my apartment is so bad at this time of day there’s no way you could even tell that shadow’s green, so then what’s the point?

Skype with mum for about an hour. Summary: everyone else are terrible drivers and our cats are really old.

I’m packing up to do all of that laundry. I worry there isn’t enough time for all of this:


It’s also time to start thinking about dinner. My brain just wants pasta. Or candy. If there was candy that would be my dinner. Glass of wine, is that dinner?

Saffron scones + glass of wine! It’s dinner. (PS. intuitive eating = best diet. It’s a fact.)


The rest of the evening I’ll just spend switching between Odinsbarn, Musikhjälpen, telly and laundry room.

This was exactly the Saturday I needed.


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