The story so far; 5 days in December

1 December


Packed my bag and went to the gym after work. Sounds simple, but it required insane planning, because I had no car and public transport in Norrland is, basically, not great.

PS. Had no idea how right I was. My cardio is shot.

PS2. This new gym offers all classes + use of gym for free all December if you’ve got a F&S membership valid for another location. Which I do. See? Meant to be.

2 December

Bought a car. I need a car if I’m going to keep going to the gym. I’d already decided which one I wanted. The test drive was just for show; I was buying it no matter what. When I make up my mind, I make up my mind. BTW. It’s a white Kia Rio, the least unappealing car I could find.

The owning of a car tho, makes me all sorts of nervous. It does make my life significantly simpler, but black ice + car + darkness = too much excitement.

Love Sweden in the winter. LOVE.

Please don’t remind me it’s not even 21 December yet. It is. Going to. Get darker. How can it even get darker than this???

4 December

Dyed my hair a crazy red. Thought that if I don’t bleach my hair, the Manic Panic Vampire Red would turn out a brown type red. It doesn’t. This is the not-a-single-doubt-that-it’s-red type red. In hindsight, why did I ever want anything else?

Also. Instructions – apparently I don’t do them. Didn’t bleach, hair was..semi clean. I did wash it in the morning, but had since put some (three?) product(s) in it. There was definitely steps skipped. Can’t wait to see what happens when I wash it.

Let’s not talk about what this experiment did to my bathroom floor. I’m gonna have to up my cleaning game, and I’m an excellent cleaner already. This tho. Requires a PhD for sure.

Haven’t dared look at what my hair looks from the back. I’m guessing not good. I’ll have mum or sis fix it for me.

5 December

WHEN I was roaming the internet for a car to buy I stumbled on a job I was kinda interested in. Sent in the dumbest application I have ever sent late Friday afternoon. Take note! Apparently a strategy that works, they called me back early Monday. Scheduled interview for Wednesday.

7 December

Interviewed for said job. I DON’T KNOW WHY. Interviews these days, they’re basically my idea of hell. In addition to which, I don’t really want a new job. Unless I could have a new job working right here. Nice office + good working climate: not to be underestimated.

I don’t want a call back. I don’t want a second interview. I don’t know why I’m doing this.

Except for. I am so bored. And have so much time on my hands. I kid you not, going for the interview, at least half the reason was to pass time. (Why didn’t I just bring a book to work??)

Starting to wonder if I’m having some sort of life crisis.


signatur 1

2 thoughts on “The story so far; 5 days in December”

    1. Projektadministratör för en grupp tekniska skribenter.

      Meanwhile försöker mitt nuvarande jobb att få mig att känna mig mer behövd genom att lova mig mer jobb. Med att räkna studenter på program. Och jobb med frontdesk. Alltså. Det är som om de försöker få mig att sluta? (Klagar egentligen inte, bless them for keeping me on alltså, kan inte vara lätt.)

      Kör försiktigt är som min favorit hej-då-fras! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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