End of year summary; This is how I’ll remember 2016

While most years are just a blur to me, I’m pretty sure I’ll remember 2016.

I moved office, from one city to another. No, commuting isn’t great, but I do like having an excuse to own car. I’ve never owned a car before.

View from new office.

Started blogging again; I really did miss it.

Quit the gym in the fall, I thought that it was going to be forever, but before the end of the year I was back at it again. Just different gym. My favorite one so far. I ♥ F&S Svl.

F&S Svl

I’ve learned to not wash my hair every single day, not even every two days; current regime is twice a week, MAX. Never thought I’d see the day.

I starting wearing my glasses in public; which thus far is pretty much unheard of.

Wore lots of different makeup, sometimes liner, sometimes not, sometimes thick eyebrows, sometimes no eyebrows, sometimes neutral shades, sometimes bright orange; it’s almost exhausting.

Went to more gigs in one year than I ever have. I thought I was crazy back in 2006 when I saw Depeche Mode twice in one year, three months apart. This year, I’ve been to see Architects four times, feel zero percent crazy. My only regret is not going to more shows.

architects stockholm 2016 october
Architects at Frysen.

Managed to fit in three trips to the UK; twice to Brighton and once to Glasgow. All of which were successful outings. No luggage lost, no severe delays (if any?), decent hotels even.

I got back into reading; something I did think was a lost cause for a while there.

Got completely lost in metalcore; thought I’d broken up with metal years ago. Apparently no.

Another thought I was over that: dyed hair red. I’d vowed to never dye my hair again. Yes well. I had also decided to not get a car.

Manic Panic vampire red on unbleached hair. In case you ever wondered what that looks like.

Yes, some terrible things happened this year too, I still didn’t hate it. I’d do it again.

I fear 2017 is just not going to measure up to 2016.

If I was the sort of person who did New Year’s resolutions, maybe I’d resolve the following for 2017:

  • Buy less things. Makeup in particular. I’m tired of my own consumption. I struggle to find things because there’s just such a lot of them, and it is a source of bad conscience.
  • Streamline my blog, i.e. work on being a better blogger, take better pictures, narrow my focus, write longer but fewer posts, be less subjective, work on tagging posts appropriately; or just have a goal.
  • Be better at my job. Or at least work on my work ethics. They’re abysmal.
  • Read more non-fiction relating to my work, to become a better reviewer/translator in that area (computer engineering, electronics).
  • Read books out of my comfort zone.
  • Broaden my horizons musically, i.e. listen to different types of music, not just Architects, Amity Affliction, Bring Me the Horizon, Thrice over, and over, and over again.
  • Travel some place new.
  • Go to more gigs.
  • Stop straightening my hair. As in never straightening it, not even 2x/week.
  • Set a goal for my workouts.
  • Simplify makeup routine.

But I think we all know that’s not happening. None of it is.

Lots of love & happy New Year!

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100 day song challenge #41

#41 A song with “K” as the first letter of the title

Since the letter K is far more common in German than in English, I was hoping to use this category for some of the German music I love.

For the longest time I was stuck thinking about Die Ärzte.

Until I finally remembered Jennifer Rostock. A find via BuViSoCo, which I was quite obsessed with for a while. To no small part because one of my all-time favorite bands with the incredibly inconvenient name Panik (try googling it and ending up where you want to) participated.


Jennifer Rostock is a sort of electro-pop outfit, v. v. catchy. Everything I want The Sounds to be, but which they currently aren’t.

Kopf oder Zahl is a brilliant track, give it a listen if you haven’t already:


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Top 3 reasons I ♥ working from home

In no particular order:

Sweats. Assembling an outfit & putting on the makeup; I like it well enough. But I also like variation. Not having to think, also big fan. Just falling out of bed, pulling on whatever is closest, braid hair and get going. It’s not bad.

Cat company. Is there a better way to work?? Obvs HELL NO. Can’t I just bring kitty to work? He’s tiny + makes no noise, you won’t even notice, promise! Bonus: keeps you warm.

Kitty. Aka, stealer of your seat.

Time save. No prep work, no travel time, no squinting out of car window trying to figure out just where the hell road is.

Just a shame working on laptop is nowhere near ideal. So even if I could work from home forevermore, I don’t think I will.

All things considered.

But suggesting we get a cat for uni, as health promotion, that’s something I just might do.

A week in life; December 2016


Tried a new route to work; no street lights nor road marks, make sense considering darkness reigns for 6 months a year around these parts (????). This was followed by 4 restarts of computer to be able to access my home directory. Such fun! Cheered myself up by buying a Christmas jumper at H&M. Will wear all future Christmases until sequins fall off.


Did I watch Lily Melrose and got good ideas? Yes I did.


Hair treatment! Washing of the hair! Only thing on my mind.

Used this lovely treatment from Lush:


The scent is kind of Christmasy too (i.e. cinnamon). In general in my life, there is not enough Lush scent. I really want to live near a Lush shop. Right by. Next door.

…there might be one other thing on my mind. Glasgow. When can I go back to Glasgow? Anyone good playing anytime soon?


Do you know what day today is? Do you do you?? It’s the day it starts getting lighter! How I have waited for this day. If the world made any kind of sense THIS would be a holiday. It’d be THE holiday.

So by the end of the year it’ll be…approximately 10 more minutes of daylight than today. Only slightly discouraging. At least it’s stopped getting darker.

To give you an idea of the level of darkness around these parts: sunrise is currently 9.21 and sunset is 14.13. It could be worse.

But it could also be better.


Trying to work from home. It’s going great.

ska%cc%88rmavbild-2016-12-22-kl-09-14-03Pondering if they’ll have my head if I translate hejsan as hiya.


A mere 4 hours of work today, followed by a pre-lunch workout class.

You’d think a person would be able to focus for 4 hours. Not so. I can barely focus for 4 minutes. I blame the text. BIRCH algorithm. k-means. Modified cluster feature. Euclidean distance measure. DTW barycenter. Discrete Cosine Transform. Topped with poor grammar. /wants to die


Trying not have too many tasty alcoholic drinks becauuuse…I’m going to the gym tomorrow. I ♥ the gym. Currently more than wine. That’s just all sorts of wrong.

Glass of wine + rum glögg & ginger beer + vegan Christmas plate. Currently no idea why anyone would eat anything other than roasted kale, regardless of  day of the year


Gym! It wasn’t quite this empty, but nearly.


Tomorrow is the day of getting new trainers. Because I’ve yet to encounter a pair of trainers where the cushioning lasts longer than one semester. And I need good cushioning.


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December favorites


Let’s have a peek at what last.fm says.

last.fm stats

Good thing I have last.fm. Not only for the scrobbling, but because at least I can get my end of year listening stats as Spotify completely failed this year. Not sending out the email because you’ve selected no newsletters or some shit? Well I hadn’t selected no newsletters; you still send me irrelevant emails, and I still didn’t get my stats.

I’m an insanely frequent user + been with you since you needed an invite to use. I’m insulted.

That being said. I’m clearly stuck in some sort of a rut. It is questionable whether I am aware that there are many records and many songs in this world.


Odinsbarn. I think we’ve established I enjoyed it.


New parka. Has -the best- pockets. This is a feature that should not be underestimated!

I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of my Sleek Vintage Romance palette. Obvious; it is the season of metallics and glitter.


On the screen

Vlogmas is better still than Vlogtober. All of my faves providing daily vlogs, love it! Difficult to pick a fave, so I’m going with a non-vlogmas episode, because this look ♥♥♥

And, finally! Been looking for this literally months:

Starting to wonder if I’m ever going to kick this nasty Architects habit.


All things saffron! But saffron granola + saffron scones were my faves.


Car. I has it, it is good….most of the time.

The gym. The 16.30 workouts on Monday and Thursday were my faves. Unfortunately they are no more; as we’re approaching Christmas there’s a temporary Christmas schedule and then we move on to a new schedule. Fingers crossed someone is adding Throne to their class!

Lush hair treatments. I’d forgotten how good Lush hair treatments are. Love it that you put them in dry hair BEFORE shower. This makes life infinitely easier.

Amity + Northlane at Fryshuset, obviously.

I need Northlane to do a headliner tour around these parts. (I use the term these parts loosely; UK would work, Germany ditto, maybe France, but that’s as far as I’ll go.)

Plans for January

  1. Get a head start on my reading.
  2. Get new gym membership.
  3. Change blog layout. It’s definitely time.


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The reading challenge; conclusion


Let’s get this over with.

I already mentioned that this challenge will remain a non-completion. Does it bother me? Nope. Zero percent. Because I’m so fucking easy-going.

I did complete the following of the challenge:

A satirical bookUppgång & Fall by Liv Strömquist.
A National Book Award Winner. Flickvännen by Karolina Ramquist
A YA bestseller. Before I Die by Jenny Downham. Loved this book, planning a reread!
A book translated to English. Unspeakable things: sex, lies and revolution by Penny Laurie. Feminism at its best ♥♥♥. It was translated from English, not the other way around. I don’t think it matters into which language it was translated. Positive.
A book set in Europe. Flickvännen by Karolina Ramqvist.
A book under 150 pages. The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave.
A New York Times Bestseller. Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. Highly recommended!
A self-improvement book. Reclaiming yourself from binge eating.
A book you can finish in a day. The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave.
A book written by a celebrity. The Death of Bunny Munro by Nick Cave.
A book that’s more than 600 pages. Odinsbarn by Siri Pettersen.
A science-fiction novel. Det Grönare Djupet by Johanna Nilsson.
A graphic novel. Can we just not talk about this book? I made such a terrible choice a just want to forget it. 
A book published in 2016. Kill the boy band by Goldy Moldavsky
by A book that takes place during summer. Flickvännen by Karolina Ramqvist. Officially known as my cheat book. Fits all categories!?!
A book and its prequel. Kallocain by Karin Boye + Det Grönare Djupet by Johanna Nilsson.
A murder mystery. Blythewood by Carol Goodman. Which is probably stretching it a bit.
A dystopian novel. MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood. Been looking forward to for such a long time, was a little disappointed. Just a little.
A book with a blue cover. Twitchhiker by Paul Smith.
The first book you see in a bookstore. The Portable Veblen by Elizabeth Mckenzie. Best thing about the book: the cover.
A classic book from the 20th century. Kallocain by Karin Boye. Another cheat book. 
A book from the library.  Unspeakable things: sex, lies and revolution by Penny Laurie.
An autobiography. Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis. Read multiple times before, I do love it.
A book about a road trip. Europa kreuzweise by Blixa Bargeld. Another favorite read.
A book that takes place on an island. The Expedition; A Love Story by Bea Uusma. It takes place on Kvitøya. Well partly. (I excel at stretching it, in case that wasn’t clear.)
A book that’s guaranteed to bring you joy. by Nina Hemmingsson

Books that I couldn’t be bothered with/didn’t have time for/struggled to find:

A book based on a fairy tale.
A book you haven’t read since high school. In my defense, there’s probably reason for that..?
A romance set in the future. How does one go about finding this book, how??
A book that’s becoming a movie this year. Could have read Allegiant, but was clearly not a priority.
A book recommended by someone you just met. That was never going to happen anyway, I don’t meet people /hardcore introvert
A political memoir. I do feel a bit bad about this one. I feel I need more political memoirs in my life. I should speak to a librarian about this.
A book at least 100 years older than you.
A book from Oprah’s book club.
A book recommended by a family member.
Does it count if I read a book I got from a family member..?
A book with a protagonist that has your occupation.
A book written by a comedian.
A book of poetry.
 I knew what I was going to read! It just turned out to not be too easy to get my hands on.
A book about a culture you’re unfamiliar with.

Had I embarked on this challenge 13 weeks earlier, it’d been a done deal. Probably. Maybe. ..except for that recommended by someone you just met. That was never happening.

I could start on the 2017 challenge. It looks like fun.

Or I could just read what I want to read. It’s not as if I’m lacking ideas.


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Top 3 itches

glasgow outside GSOA
  1. Glasgow. I want to go back. And soon.

    Perpetual fall in Glasgow, right??
  2. I want my hair to grow to any sort of length. I swear I will stop straightening it soon as it gets some length. (Not making any promises on the volume master tho, but shh!)

    The hair. Could be longer.
  3. I want to paint something. Like a wall. Move some furniture. Get some plants. I.e. I really, really want to redecorate.

    This wall. Different color, yes?


That’s all for now!

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