I ❤ Glasgow 

Because you can see Bring Me the Horizon at the spacious and cool (if you’ve got seats anyway) SSE Hydro

Burning Down Alaska at the fairly empty Garage,

Not from the show in question. I was hoping to borrow some evidence from another attendee on account of I’m a crap photographer; unfortunately, so far, I’ve not uncovered even a measly picture, never mind video material. Then again, we were about 40 people there. May I just say tho, new singer Kassim, amazing live singer. The band as a whole is v. v. good live, but Kassim’s mad impressive. Also made a new acquaintance: Casey. Such a rare thing to be treated to a good opening act, a band you actually want to hear more from once you leave the venue.

and Architects at a sold-out, painfully lacking oxygen, ABC,

all within a timespan of 5 days.

Glasgow, you spoil us.

Lots of love,

signatur 1

PS. See a band play in Glasgow, highly recommended. Best audience, making it quite the experience.


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