100 day song challenge #14

#14 A song that reminds you of a family member

I’ve thought long and hard about this. And I was really going to go with a different song and a different family member.

But then I was listening to Kent’s Skogarna. Invariably thinking about how hitherdither just doesn’t like Kent at all. (Admittedly not immediate family, but family nonetheless!)

..which is why it seemed kind of funny. To pick Kent.

I mean like honestly. Do you hate Hjärta too?

I don’t know why I ask. I can see how you would’t like Kent. I didn’t; at first.

Actually, both of my other picks were also songs that other family members don’t like. Funny that.


signatur 1

2 thoughts on “100 day song challenge #14”

  1. Hahaha! I read the song in the preview and went… “I’m not going to listen to that”. But dedicated to me I kind of have to, right?! And my verdict: It’s his voice. It’s just too whiney and I cannot stand it. The music’s alright!

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