roxane gay bad feminist

Reading challenge; A New York Times bestseller

So let’s talk about Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist already!

It’s been ages since I finished reading this book, in fact, I’ve since managed to read a few books that no matter how I try to be creative will fit into my reading challenge.

Actually thought this one didn’t either, but! Turns out, at the very back of the book, they’ve mentioned that it’s a New York Times bestseller. Score!

You know how I like it, some pics of the pages and a few inane comments, here we go!

I love this book, because it deals with matters I sometimes think about. For example. One thing that is a concern I have is my taste in music. In no way is my taste in music feminist. What’s worse, I at least used to listen to a fair share of female musicians. Not anymore I’m not!

roxane gay bad feminist

The fact that someone like Roxane Gay also struggles with her taste in music makes me feel just a little bit better. Even if we don’t listen to the same type music at all.

She also mentioned the age-old I only have male friends claim. I’ve always wanted to inflict harm on people making this stupid statement. Because 1) 9 times out of 10 it’s a lie. You’re lying to yourself. 2) Why is this something you clearly feel is a brag??? 3) I pity you. Men excel at nepotism. Which mean it’s likely your only friends would pick another man over you. Because they’re men. Sad, no?

Roxane explains why this rubs me the wrong way; because the claim suggests that this particular female feels she is different from other women, that she has more in common with men. OH COME ON. It’s not as if being female is innate. There are few, if any, women who are real women. Whatever that is. Doesn’t mean we have to look down on being female tho.

roxane gay bad feminist

And she recommends women apply nepotism too. Finally! I was hoping someone other than my mother would suggest this. Bonus points for it being an academic.

roxane gay bad feminist

Best point of the book is, obviously, why it’s better to be a bad feminist than to not be a feminist at all.

roxane gay bad feminist

While I get where she’s coming from, the feeling that you’re not as well informed about feminism as you would like to be, that you’re a human being and some of things you do or like might not comply with feminism…

roxane gay bad feminist

…and you could consider that being a bad feminist…

roxane gay bad feminist

…is it really a reason to call yourself a bad feminist? I think we’re sufficiently informed and, let’s face it, old enough, to not care what anyone else thinks. I’m pretty sure we’re in charge of the definition of the word feminist. Doesn’t matter what pop culture we consume, or if we’ve read every text ever on feminism, doesn’t make us any less or a bad feminist. Sure, seeing how it’s complex and difficult and scrutinize yourself is important, but this good or bad – is it relevant? Can’t we just be feminists?


Also enjoyed the non-feminist related part, about what it’s like working at uni. This part:roxane gay bad feminist

The part where parents are calling us (university staff) asking about or calling on behalf of their children. Unfortunately we can’t deal with this problem – because it clearly is a problem – the way Roxane suggests (communicate with your child) because rules in Sweden are different. But really, if you kid can’t communicate with uni on their own, they have no business going to uni. OK?

And in case you were under the impression academics and/or feminists were a boring bunch; you need to read this book. It’s funny, well worth the read.

Lots of love!

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