100 day song challenge #79

#79 A song from a genre you usually dislike

I’ve never liked rap music much. It just isn’t my cup of tea. I do try it sometimes, result: I like a few tracks by Eminem. Basically. Not sure it counts. I once heard someone describe him as emo rap. Me: Oooohhhhh…now it all makes sense!

We’re not going with Eminem tho.

I usually dislike Swedish rap music. Specifically. If, on the rare occasion, I do listen to the radio and they happen to play Swedish rap, I will run to turn it off as quickly as humanly possible. Failing that, I’d probably throw the radio (a.k.a. iPad + Bluetooth speaker) out the window. That’s the extent of my dislike.

There are obviously exceptions. Or at least one. Silvana Imam. Girl is fucking brilliant, that’s all there’s to it. Tänd Alla Ljus; I’ve played it on repeat like a mad person. (Note that the actual song starts at about 1:01.)

I’m not going to argue my standpoint, you either hear it or you don’t. Mir egal.


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