Warte warte immer weiter; 5 TV shows

Can’t wait for the new season of the following:

Gilmore Girls.

Obviously, but I’m not looking forward to November 25th quite as much as…

Vikings, Novmber 30th.

Obsessed; not sure I can wait that long.

Reign. Another obsession; Mary Queen of Scots.

There isn’t even a trailer for season 4; return isn’t until January.

The Knick. Please let it come back, I am so in love with the era and the medical perspective especially.

Historieätarna. The Swedish version of The Supersizers Eat basically. Except better. Third and last season starts in about a month. So looking forward to, the trailer’s so promising.


signatur 1



3 thoughts on “Warte warte immer weiter; 5 TV shows”

    1. Well it wasn’t exactly love at first sight…first time I watched it I was all “What is this crap!?!” and didn’t watch it again for ages, but then I was just soo into Hildebrandt’s world (same era obvs) I needed a fix, so I watched it again and it stuck. Acquired taste and all.

      Annars då, gett upp på October blog challenge eller bara bättre saker att göra?



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