The Blog List

This is a list I’ve copied (well, obvs. copied → translated) from, who copied it from someone else… I’ll be honest, I’m only doing this list as a way to get some blog recommendations out of you. Yes you. And, yes, I’m looking for more blogs to follow!

To truly test your patience, I give you

The Blog List

How many blogs do you read?

I follow well over a hundred blogs, some via WordPress and some via Bloglovin. But tbh, most of them I don’t actively read.

How do you read blogs?

I read blogs throughout the day, on most days. If I’m able to go online and not busy.

Mostly I read blogs in the Bloglovin feed or the WordPress Reader. If a post is fairly interesting I’ll go to the original post.

Big thumbs up for Bloglovin and Wordpress Reader tho; I’ve stopped reading blogs I can’t follow in either.

What are some of the things you like about a blog?

I’m addicted to personality, subjective views, off-hand feminist comments, blogs that are quirky and funny; I’m mostly unimpressed by the standard formats, both in terms of layout and posts. I love enthusiastic and witty blogs, blogs where the writer has spent time on language and clearly had a reader in mind. And a pretty blog, there is nothing like a pretty blog. By which I mean simple, uncluttered layout, easy to read.

I actually like (read: love) amateur blogs. I’m nosy and mostly just want to know about people’s lives really. I want a blog to read more or less like a story.

Bottom line: if there is a lack of personal context I’ll quickly get bored.

What are some of your favorite blogs?

Rhian Westbury; she mixes a number of things I’m interested in, and because she not only writes about her music consumption (frequently about going to gigs), but because said music is the kind of music I also like. Yea, I’m simple like that.; Swedish lifestyle blog. I like it because she keeps her posts short and sweet; when she posts pics there’s a point to them and her narration is at times hilarious. Don’t underestimate the power of narration I say!

Oh So Sensitive + lugnochfin; two blogs, same creator, Oh So is in English and about being introvert; lugnochfin is in Swedish and about creativity, blogging and digital entrepreneurship. These are the finest looking blogs I know of. Such a pleasure to read!

Brita Zackari; another Swede. Again, short, to the point, funny, and with a mixed content. I do like the mixed content.

Fave food blog?

I’ve stopped following pure food blogs as a step in my shake this pesky binge eating behavior, but it used to be Cookie + Kate. Looking at it now makes me realize this is one of my all-time fave blogs. The layout is spot on, the content is not only well thought out, the actual food is right up my street. Not that I follow recipes, but it’s excellent inspiration.

Fave home decor blog?

I used to read home decor blogs. But then I woke up one day and suddenly realized that I was mostly reading them thinking OMFG HAMLET, DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CARE? I like home decor, sure, but I want it in a context, not just oh here’s a pretty picture of a pretty dresser and another, and another ad infinitum.

Love inclusion of home decor as a feature in blogs not focusing on decor tho!

Fave fashion blog?

Not so much for the fashion, more like personal style. And H&M in general. Oh and blogs where the blogger is like Oh hey, by the way, this is what I wore today or Here’s some bits I got from Primark the other day, while not generally focusing on clothes at all.

Humour blog?

Oh I’d love to follow some funny blogs! Suggestions?

Beauty blog?

Linda Hallbergs sminkblogg; despite the fact that she does that which I really hate: English + Swedish in the same post. But then I rarely read, I just like the pics.

Whinar; to no small part because of the Ursula pic in the sidebar. And while it is mainly a beauty blog she also includes bit of lifestyle; I like a bit of a mixed bag.

Guilty pleasure blog?

Zero percent guilt here! I either like a blog or I don’t.

What sorts of blogs do you not read?

I started making a long, loooong list of all the things I dislike. But then I started reviewing it and noticed that I do read blogs that have the features I supposedly dislike. I’m guilty of being completely random. I could follow a blog because of some silly little detail (see below).

But it should be safe to say the following:

  • In general, I avoid blogs where entries are on the long side and no effort has been made to facilitate reading. The blog format, for me, does not lend itself well to long texts.
  • In general, I prefer lifestyle blogs, i.e. blogs that have a mixed content, as opposed to blogs that are extremely focused on one thing. I do tend to grow a bit bored with blogs like that.
  • Blogs that if they were a record would be labelled overproduced by critics I tend to steer away from. I like my blogs a little trashy, a little unprofessional. Gives them character.
  • Blogs that read like a photo album of your and your friends and family. I like words. I mean sure, pics are great, but they should illustrate a point not just Here we are in Rome (x 10,000) or whatever.

Which blog have you followed for the longest time?

Miss West End Girl I’ve probably followed for quite a while now. Mainly because she’s Glasgow-based and I like her fringe. (← one such silly detail that can make me follow a blog.)

I’m still looking for that holy grail, the blog I want to follow for ever and ever.

Blog, Insta, Snapchat or Twitter?

Obvs I’m in love with blogging, thus the daily updating (for which I feel I should apologize, sorry, except for I’m not really sorry). Love Insta and Twitter too tho, but more just to follow other people.

Fave blogger on Twitter?

Lily Melrose and Helen Anderz. (Sort of cheating calling them bloggers, but they do blog. Sometimes.)

Fave blogger on Instagram?

In addition to the two mentioned above, Linda Hallberg.

Fave blogger on Pinterest?

I don’t follow any bloggers on Pinterest that I’m aware of. Should I be?

Fave blogger on Snapchat?

I’ve yet to find something that makes me want to try Snapchat.

To which category would you say your blog belongs?


Juiciest memory from the world of blogging?

Can we count Insta too? Can we talk about Oliver Sykes? No? In that case I’ve got nothing.

What would you like more of in the blogging community?

Personality + personal context, daring in the form of maybe not sticking to the standard format, a better mix of complete randomness and regularity. General silliness is also a fave.

But mostly I just want more blogs on pop culture from a less serious and more subjective perspective.

Is blogging dying?

I sure hope not!

Feel free to fill out this list on your blog! And let me know if you do, I’d love to know your thoughts on this.


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