100 day song challenge #38

#38 A song with a question as the title

A Question of Time is not a question, A Question of Lust is not a question, A Question of Time is not a question, A Question of Lust is not a question, A Question of Time is not a question, A Question of Lust is not a question, A Question of Time is not a question, A Question of Lust is not a question, A Question of Time is not a question, A Question of Lust is not a question, A Question of Time is not a question, A Question of Lust is not a question


How soon is now? – it’s a question and it’s good!

The Smiths: How soon is now?


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October blog challenge part 5 of 5

Final part of the October blog challenge! The previous part is here, where you’ll also find links to part 2, 3 and 4. Just in case this type of entry strikes your fancy.


ELEVEN. Weekend highlights

I did say I was going to get back to weekend highlights. These are highlights from the weekend I spent in Stockholm + Gothenburg;

› the burgers me and sis had at Vigårda & the fabulous (and for Sweden dirt cheap) elderflower + gin drink,
› my Monki purchases

big chunky knit // card holder // keychain. also got lots of underwear, monki has the best underwear. but nobody needs to see that.

the highlight of it all; seeing these guys play:


It’s obviously Architects. They played in Stockholm on Saturday and Gothenburg on Monday. It was brilliant, as I’m sure you can imagine. I just wish they’d play a longer set is all.

Professional pic from the Gothenburg gig:

Gothenburg, thank you so much. That was insane! ❤️🤘🏻📷 : @edmasonphoto

A post shared by Architects (@architects) on

I can see myself to the far to the right. Yess.

Much approve of the new guy. Not that he in any way replaces the old guy, nor needs anyone’s approval, but you know. He just seems a good fit for the band. I hope he’s a keeper.

Question: when and why did gigs turn into Singalong at -insert name of venue here-? Or is it something that is specific for this genre? I’m confused. And not entirely on board. I mean every song? All of the words? Can we…just listen to the band some at least? Please?


TWENTY NINE. Halloween inspiration

I want to say this, but that’s a bit too fangirly even for me. Nightmare before Christmas in general? Fave part:

OOoooo sound of rolling dice is like music in the air.

Er. Right.

Was almost inspired to do a Halloween-y makeup after seeing this:

Guess who bitch.

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and this:

But I just cannot be bothered. Cannot. This is as far as I’ll go:



THIRTY. A day in life

Today’s Sunday. Doesn’t mean I sleep in. My body was not made for it. FIVE O’CLOCK YOU SAY!?!! WAKEY WAKEY! 

My sleep cycle app says 81% efficiency, which does’t strike me as bad at all? Never mind that it’s five on a Sunday morning.

Outfit of the day: black knit jumper, brown Dorothy Perkins tights from aaages ago (fave type! and they stop making them, wtf!?), and double socks.


First fail of the day: was going to make semolina porridge; turns out the unopened soy milk had gone sour. Which I noticed after I poured it into the pan with the semolina. That’s great. Expiration date says May 2017. Interesting.

Sooo…being the efficient person that I am, I start cooking the chickpeas I’d soaked over night while making avocado toast, topped with mustard and a sesame-wasabi spice mix + chocolate mint tea and a banana + strawberries.


I am not complaining.

On the agenda today:

  • clean apartment
  • start packing for Scotland
  • finish reading The Memory of Lost Senses 
  • wash hair!

Among other things.

I excel at household work; I start by changing the bed, meal prepping (split butternut squash in half, shove in the oven), put a load of wash in the machine and start cleaning the bedroom. Useful mindset; Might as well while I’m at it.

By 10 I’ve cleaned the bedroom, roasted some more veg for my meal prep + folded laundry & concluded I’ve printed no hotel or travel confirmations what so ever for my Scotland trip. Apparently I’m under the impression my concert tickets will get me where I need to go.

Tea, orange & YouTube break.


I’m doing my monthly deep-clean so there’s still plenty cleaning to go. Might seem a shame because it’s a beautiful day.


Lunchlunchlunch! Roasted broccoli + smoked paprika spiced tofu and butternut squash mixed with nutritional yeast and lots of rosemary. Oh. And pasta. Yumyum!final1477830389608

And more goddamn cleaning. Adding lots of In Flames and Amity Affliction to my playlist for extra energy. Spotify proceeds to play In Flames as if it’s the only thing in the playlist. Oh well. I suppose that’s fair.

Crashed on the sofa for 30 minutes watching Så mycket bättre; the Magnus Carlsson from Weeping Willows episode. Spent the remainder of the episode lifting weights. I don’t know why I keep multitasking when I hate it.

And now I’m going to have to deal with this.


Which I will. While listening to 90s Bon Jovi. These Days always makes me want to play the piano.

Hours later. It’s going well. Can I blame getting sidetracked by starting to clean out my closet? Some of my purchases makes me wonder if I know who I am at all.


Take note that there is currently not a single piece of clothing in that suitcase.

So that’s what I’m doing for the rest of the night.


THIRTY ONE. Halloween

I’m just not feeling at all this year. So I’m doing what any sensible person would do: getting lots and lots of candy. That’ll sort me out.


This stuff is probably not vegan. Almost positive. 

Happy Halloween you all!

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One lovely blog award


  1. Write an article accepting the award.
  2. Thank the person you nominated you and put a link to their blog.
  3. Tell the reader seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate other blogs for the award.
  5. Let them know that you nominated them.
  6. Post the rules to let your followers know how it works.

This feels like it’s long overdue, but here it is!

I was nominated by Lise over at lushtivity.net; said it before and I’ll say it again, thanks so much! Lise does lots of Lush posts, among other things; and who doesn’t love that?! Go have a look!

Seven facts about me:

  1. I love keeping things in tin boxes, all sorts of things, not just tea.
  2. I have a Mackintosh obsession.

    Maybe just a few more bits..?

  3. I like potted plants. They don’t like me so much tho. There’s always a few facing imminent death at any given time. Current victims:
  4. My drink of choice is without a doubt Sauvignon blanc. It’s currently so bad I will refuse any other type wine. Well, with this one exception:final1475514000043
  5. I know how to crochet circular rugs.
  6. There is still something teenage about how I decorate my home.
  7. I’ve always liked shorts, skirts and dresses in inappropriate lengths. Remember these ones?


My nominees: 

I’m going to cheat on this one. Would you like to be nominated? Just leave a comment!


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October blog challenge part 4 of 5

Part 4 of the October blog challenge! Part 1 is here, part 2 is here, and part 3 here.


TWENTY TWO. Hairstyle of the day



TWENTY THREE. Recent purchases

Some of my fave purchases of late have been

feather soft jeggings from h&m // knitted jumper from h&m // pink hat in ville valo style from h&m // basic vest from gina tricot // nyx corline blush


Been buying a shitload of stuff lately, to a point where I have started to consider therapy. It’s getting there.


TWENTY FOUR. Favorite quote

I like quotes. This is a good one.



TWENTY FIVE. Dream job

THB. I would love it if someone would pay me to write. Or read for that matter. …which is kind of what I am paid for… but I’d like to work with different type texts. Fiction would be neat. Or feminist texts. Text written by academics generally makes me want to off myself tho.


TWENTY SIX. Ways to your heart

I’m sure Clive Owen’s character in The Knick would know all about how to get to the human heart. Pretty sure it involves a scalpel and a saw.


TWENTY SEVEN. Bedtime outfit


I have a small army of PJs like this one, in different states of rattiness. Thought this was one of the better ones. If that is in fact true, that’s…not great. Although; excuse to get more PJs when I go to Glasgow. 


TWENTY EIGHT. Manicure of the day

I don’t do manicure but can I interest you in a cuticle cream?



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100 day song challenge #32

#32 A song with a line you would tattoo on your body

In general, I feel that tattooing words on your body is a mistake. Not because it looks bad, I like the way words can look.

But sometimes, a word or a phrase loses its meaning over time.

For example: I used to do a lot of underlining in my books at one point. When I read these books now I just stare at my underlinings and I have no idea why I’ve underlined. The words just don’t have the same meaning to me anymore.

If I’d get tattooed, I’d get flowers for sure. Long time love. And I’d get them tattoed on the inside of my arms so that it’d feel as if I had a lining. You know, like the lining of a coat?

Not going to cheat on this category and go changing it again tho.

I’d get Ich wart am falschen Pol tattooed, from the Einstürzende Neubauten song Stella Maris.


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100 day song challenge #40

#40 A song with “Q” as the first letter of the title

I thought I was going to have to resort to Roxette’s Queen of Rain – don’t get me wrong. I really did love this song at one point.

But. Going with a song where the first word is queen for this category feels so obvious, and in addition a song I haven’t been listening to for, 25 years? It feels wrong.

Then I remembered I’m seeing Northlane in December. Northlane‘s got a song called Quantum Flux. It’s a proper good song.


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100 day song challenge #63

#63 A song you can play on an instrument

To be honest, I haven’t as much as touched my piano for…nearly a year. At this point I’m unsure as to why I still have it. But last I checked, I was able to play The World Is a Girl by Anita Lane. Coincidentally also one of the songs at the very top of my list of all-time favorite songs.

I absolutely love this type of piano; simplicity, I’m sucha  big fan.


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The 11 stages of packing

ONE. Get bag.


One from Primark will do; perfect carry-on size. It’s all I’ll be able to carry from home to the bus, and from the bus to work. In total a 30-minute walk; not to be  compromised.

TWO. Get lots of clothes out of the closet, place on large surface.


This is also an excellent way to get some overview of what is in your closet. Conclusion TOO MANY CLOTHES.

THREE. Procrastinate. Go out for a walk, have some tea, watch a lot of YouTube, get lost in old Lady Gaga and get good ideas. Wide fitting trousers you say? And don’t even get me started on that eye make, I am in love.

FOUR. Screening. I.e., start to consider what are actual options, i.e. not too cold, not too uncomfortable, just not what you’d want to wear. Those clothes are not going to move themselves; if you’re planning on sleeping in that bed tonight you better get to it.

FIVE. Finally weed out two options for trip 1. It’s just over night; two outfits + one eyeshadow palette is enough.


Having since worn the Paisley dress; it has got to go. 

SIX. Curse the gods for having to pack two different bags in one week.

SEVEN. Get a grip on yourself and compile possible options, get a second opinion. I.e. email sister and ask her opinion for trip 2. Options:

I.e. knits and shorts, wide-legged trousers and 3/4 sleeve tops, black jeans and various tops.

EIGHT. Decide the small bag was never going to work anyway, and just pack it all.

NINE. Do some ill adviced trying on of the outfits. Shorts with the brightest, loudest pair of tights you own = hours of hating body.

TEN. Sleep on it. Put on a pair of jeans you never intended to bring anyway and decide they’re the ones! All the pieces fit after that.

It’s possible I packed a couple of shorts + a few extra black jumpers just in case I’d feel like this is too much color. Which, if we’re being honest, is kinda likely. 

ELEVEN. Pack makeup and such. With any luck reviewing your makeup won’t make you change your mind.

Swear to god, the older I get the more of a stuggle packing becomes.


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October blog challenge part 3 of 5

Part 3 of the October blog challenge! Part 1 is here, and part 2 is here.


FIFTEEN. Who’s in your playlist?

Bunch of guys + Lady Gaga

lisa anniesette last-fm.png


SIXTEEN. Things you’re looking forward to



Also. Going to Glasgow. Eating lots of good food, drinking lots of…drinks.

Not forgetting! Having time off work.


SEVENTEEN. Pet peeves

Oh good! An opportunity to show what a bitter old hag I am!

The list really could go on forever, but on the very top of my list is incorrectly formatted block quotes. NO they should not be centered, NO they should not be in italics, NO there shouldn’t be any quotation marks – I mean JFC, have you seriously not seen a block quote before? You’ve managed to get hired in a research capacity at a uni and you’ve never seen a block quote? You’re just doing this wind me up, aren’t you!?

Another fave is spelling du (you) and dina (your) with capital letters. I’m sorry this is a crime and the punishment should be repeated beatings with Svenska skrivregler. 


EIGHTEEN. Tattoos/piercings

Another pet peeve right there: incomplete scentences.

OK. I’m trying my hardest to view this as an open question. I can make of it what I want.

Tattoos can be pretty, I have none. Because I would regret it, because I change my mind a lot. That being said. I have a tiny board on Pinterest. Mackintosh, flowers. I would like it.

I also have no piercings. Except for in my ears. 4 in my left and 3 in my right. 5 of them I’ve done myself with a safety pin. Because I used to be clever like that.


NINETEEN. Wordless Wednesday



TWENTY. Bucket list

My understanding of what this even is is quite vague. It’s something to do with things you want to do in your life, right?

Should google it. I really should.

At some point.


TWENTY ONE. Top 5 songs right now

Oo. Three music topics in one entry. Such luxury! Let’s see what trusty old last.fm has to say about it:


Oh gee. That’s not predictable at all.


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100 day song challenge #79

#79 A song from a genre you usually dislike

I’ve never liked rap music much. It just isn’t my cup of tea. I do try it sometimes, result: I like a few tracks by Eminem. Basically. Not sure it counts. I once heard someone describe him as emo rap. Me: Oooohhhhh…now it all makes sense!

We’re not going with Eminem tho.

I usually dislike Swedish rap music. Specifically. If, on the rare occasion, I do listen to the radio and they happen to play Swedish rap, I will run to turn it off as quickly as humanly possible. Failing that, I’d probably throw the radio (a.k.a. iPad + Bluetooth speaker) out the window. That’s the extent of my dislike.

There are obviously exceptions. Or at least one. Silvana Imam. Girl is fucking brilliant, that’s all there’s to it. Tänd Alla Ljus; I’ve played it on repeat like a mad person. (Note that the actual song starts at about 1:01.)

I’m not going to argue my standpoint, you either hear it or you don’t. Mir egal.


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