The Twitter strategy; Or whyy are they so samey?

You know how some bands will follow you on Twitter as a part of their marketing strategy?

Conquer Divide is starting to bug me. Because they’ve followed me approx 5 times now. More than once is already one time too many. At least. I mean FFS.

Not that this strategy doesn’t work. It does, in a way. If the goal is to get me to give them a listen.

This last time it was actually the guitarist and not the band that followed, and she’s a funny tweeter so, hey ho, I’ll give it another listen. I do love a funny tweeter.

Verdict: It’s not bad. It is definitely within the range of music I listen to.

My one but is: there’s already more than a handful of bands sounding pretty much exactly like this. To no small part because the singers all sound the same.

It’s like they’re all trying to copy Paramore’s Hayley Williams. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hayley, but my Hayley quota is filled. And let’s face it. Lynn Gunn of PVRIS is the new and improved version of Hayley. At this point in time, makes no sense to be copying Hayley.

To me, all of these are far too similar:

Conquer Divide


New Years Day

The Material

The Nearly Deads

Courage My Love

Tonight Alive

It is possible I wouldn’t complain if the lot of them copied Mariam, as in in Mariam the Believer. If you’re going to copy someone, copy Mariam. The quality of her voice is just so insanely appealing and, far as I know, there are not a lot singers like this out there. Especially not in the pop/punk/metal genre. Just listen to this:

Now imagine that to metal music? Would be my fave band ever. Easy.

Why is it though that they all sound so much alike? Is it because of Hayley? That can’t be it? Not all of them? Is it just that’s what most female voices sound like? Again, that can’t be it, surely you can control your voice to an extent?

I just don’t get it.

I don’t want to be complaining about female vocalists, or musicans, at all. Lord knows we need more women in music; they should get all sorts of praise merely for venturing into the business at all.

So to be fair. I have issues with male vocalists sounding the same too. But they not only sound the same, they also suck. I’m talking about the barking kind. Which is the problem; they sound like barking dogs. Why would you want to listen to that?

A barking vocalist can just ruin it all. I know of bands with two vocalists, and the clean vocalist is perfectly fine, sometimes even really good, the music ditto, but the unclean one is just going for dog/monster. Can’t be listened to. Just can’t.

However. A) to my knowledge they haven’t attempted the Twitter strategy – although I had a quite interesting experience with Dream on Dreamer, which is a band I liked and followed, upon which they followed me back but then unfollowed. Er? OK? Someone clicking all the buttons? Or it just coincided with their PR doing the Twitter thing?

Anyway. I listen to enough male musicians as it is. If there are a few I don’t like, that’s how it should be. But I feel female musicians are underrepresented in my playlists. And I don’t like it. I want to like all the female musicians. In metal and similar genres especially. Why are you all making it so goddamn difficult??

Maybe my problem with the bands/vocalists mentioned above is that I struggle to hear what feeling they’re trying to convey. Or that the feeling sounds insincere? Unlike sayyy…Nicole Sabouné. I hear emotion in this:

I’m not saying any of these singers are bad. In fact, I’d rather they suck a bit, be a bit off beat, a bit off tune, it’d give them some character, make them memorable. There’s lots of decent musicians already, you know? Being skilled is not enough.

To be honest, not even sure it’s necessary to be good at all. An awful lot of the time being skilled is just plain boring. I’d rather listen to someone with interesting ideas than someone with lots of technical skills.

And maybe, ask your PR to have at least one more strategy, not just follow bunch of random people on Twitter. Follow a user more than once and maybe it doesn’t matter how good you are, they’re still going to be kinda annoyed.


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