You know what Sunday means; Week summary

This week I’ve…

…made final travel arrangements to see Architects and Bring Me the Horizon in October + November. If it seems as if I already mentioned this, it’s because I have. But that was for other locations. Of course, since then Mr Sykes of BMTH has contracted acute laryngitis and shows have been cancelled, and at this point, when a band starts cancelling shows I take nothing for granted. Maybe I’m not going? We’ll see.

…been listening to a remix of the Rolo Tomassi track Illuminare like a woman possessed.

Why can’t this band sound like this all the time? They’d be my new favorite band easy. Now I’m going to have to work on it.

…been searching YouTube for Architects live in Australia. Because it’s what I do when they’re on tour. In the processes I came across the BMTH intro from the same tour (Architects were opening for BMTH, we’re all aware?)

Er. OK. Is this intro is…a keeper..? Honestly, I have to stop this. Have I got nothing better to do? (NOPE, I don’t.)

…also found some Architects. E.g. this one:

…given up on the intuitive eating. Maybe. It seems to me I can’t be trusted. Is it completely unlikely that there are people who do need boundaries? Can I play the PCO card?

…enjoyed the no-brow look. Not until the third try did I realize I prefer this look with a lipstick that just melts into my face; the NYX soft matte lip cream in Cairo, and also managed to find a blush that doesn’t show up orange on camera, go me! Not that it shoes up at all, but I’m OK with that.

Indeed fortunate my fringe has grown out long enough to cover my one eye. It’s been weeping all week, leaving me with just a mess of makeup on the one eye.

PS. Death stare. Coming along nicely.

…been scrolling through Bands in Town damning myself for ever leaving Glasgow. The fuck was I thinking? Sure, shit job, but maybe worth it?

All and all: this week has been kind of meh.


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