kill the boy band

Reading challenge; A book published 2016

When in London, I picked up a few books, more or less at random. I’d only brought a single book to read and had almost finished it by the time I got to London. To my surprise. Up until recently, I’ve been stuck in a period where my reading has been really slow, and one book should have lasted wa-ay beyond a trip to the UK. One cannot be left without reading material! So basically, I had to get at least one more book.


I’m good at picking up books at random.

Not only has it turned out that all the books purchased fit perfectly into the reading challenge, but I’ve also really enjoyed them!

Let the gushing begin!

Kill the Boy Band by Goldy Moldavsky

The story in short: Four fangirls accidentally kidnap a member of a boyband. Things become complicated.

The main reason I like this book; it presents the idea that fangirls, with all their passion, could overthrow governments. Just think about it for a minute. 


The author takes this idea, what fangirls could do and runs with it. I am so madly in love with this idea. And the fact that they are not using their powers for good. We’re done with good; we’ve done our part.


I also really likes how she dives into the psychology of being a fangirl.



It breaks my heart too.

I don’t know whether this books intends to be feminist, but it definitely is.

Now! How do we go about reprogramming the fangirls to overthrow governments???

Lots of love,

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