#87 A song for a rainy day

As I’m sure we all do, I have a playlist for rainy days. My rainy day playlist is named after the track Can you hear the rain, love? by Richard Hawley. Obviously my pick for this category.

Not sure if there is a video, so let’s just go with this clip:

Coincidentally, I was very much into Hawley during the rainiest period of my life, back in 2006/2007 when I lived in Scotland. I was living in a flat where it rained in through the windows. When they were closed. While on the subject of rain…

I just don’t get why Hawley isn’t huge. Touring the world and all that. I mean just listen to this song.


signatur 1

6 thoughts on “100 DAY SONG CHALLENGE #87”

          1. Nein! Ska kolla upp. Däremot kan jag rapportera att när jag lyssnat på deras senaste album är det en låt jag gillat starkt varje gång… i dag tittade jag vad den hette – “Gone With the Wind”. Hehe.

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