This week

…been obsessively listening to Architect’s Untitled. Resorting to B-sides; this fixation of mine is bound to be over aaany day now.

Also caved and donated to Martlets Hospice, because I needed Murray MacLeod’s Gone with the Wind cover:

And I’m sure you need it too.

I generally only donate to animal related charity, because I have issues with the human race. I believe someone called us a waste of breath, an apt description I would say. (What do you mean taken out of context??)

…I’ve accepted that I’m a person of little sleep and have been going to bed at all sorts of hours. I call it intuitive sleeping. Intuitive is pretty much the word of the year for me.

…made some of the next-to-final preparations for some going away I’ll be doing in October and November. Only a few more things to book closer to the actual dates. E.g. decide when to go back home, reservation at Café Andaluz, bus from Edinburgh airport to Glasgow. Cannot. Wait.

the platforms I ordered finally got here. Been eyeing these beauts for months and months, no idea what I was waiting for. Love me a good pair of platforms.


And apparently they will come in handy because I just got standing tickets for Bring Me in Stockholm. FFS. I thought I was the only old person going who wanted seats. Dammit. But as long as people aren’t crawling around the stage floor I should be able to see -something- (yeh I know, I best start praying now for ppl to not be crawling around the stage floor, because that will happen).

my fave post on social media has been the playlist DanArchitects posted on Wednesday.

Guy knows how to make playlists, we’re talking 11+ hours. Dutifully listened even though I could tell from a glance that the majority of tracks – not my cup of tea. Did, however, lead to me discovering The Black Queen (not included in the playlist, found it while practicing my stalker skills, I’m trying VERY HARD to not be creepy tho, e.g. you can’t go following ppl on Spotify just because you like the music they make; if you like the music they make you follow THE BAND, OK? Yes, HI, trying to talk some sense into myself here).

Aaand, even though it’s not my cup of tea, I keep going back to listen to it. Desperate for some new input? Maybe.

…my go-to look has been bold lip + glasses. Love the NYX Cherry Skies Liquid Suede:

Severely disappointed with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania tho. Does not apply well, dries out, and reapplying is just not advisable. And I wanted it so much. You’ll look like a dirty kid by the end of the day. And you’ll be asked for ID while buying wine despite being well over age.


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9 thoughts on “This week”

        1. I would say go with a CC cream (light coverage, mainly makes sure your face is just one color), I like the one from GOSH. Depending on your skin type you could go with a powder on top (if you’re oily/combination skin) but it’s not strictly necessary. A tinted day cream also works, but again, if you’re oily/combination I’d stay away from that. But if you want to go down the NYX route, and based what’s on the website, I’d say go with a primer, either the shine killer or pore filler, and the matte but not flat if you’re oily/combination, the HD one if not.

          If you’re going to be wearing eyeshadow, do get an eye primer; might seem like that’s for more advanced users but the fact is a lot of eyeshadows have terrible color payoff without.

          Now, you could either do a combined palette, where you get some highlighter, blush and eyeshadow all in one, oor I’d say go with the NYX HD blush in soft spoken or nude, skip the highlighter (that’s maybe more than you need at this point, but IS a lot of fun :P), and get a shadow in a brown shade, although I would still recommend a palette for the eyes; the one called Adorable looks like it has a nice shade range that isn’t too boring or too bold. You want a range of shades so that you can blend some to avoid sharp edges. But then you could probably work with just a single shade and a good blending brush.

          Obvs you’re going to need an eyeliner. Wing might be overkill so just go with a nice regular pen. I would actually also say try to find a dark brown one and one that twists up (you don’t want anything that needs sharpening) and get one with a sudd (ingen aaaning vad det heter på engelska, man gör det för att det ska bli mindre skarpt, särskilt bra om man inte är så van, behöver man inte bekymra sig med att rita rakt och fint).

          Eyebrows! Get a powder, the NYX one on the site looks fine. I would think the Taupe/ash would be your color? Unless you’ve dyed your hair in some red-ish type color?

          Mascara; the Doll eye one from NYX is generally considered a good one, I’m not -that- impressed even if it’s not bad. If you could get one from H&M’s own brand, then that’s what I’d recommend (they also do real nice single eye shadows). Oor, I’m about to recommend one that -isn’t- cruelty-free but I’ve always loved Maybelline great lash and would probably still wear it if my eyes could deal with it.

          Lipstick: the NYX matte ones are good, except for lasting power is pretty much none-existant. So if you’re wearing it for dinner I’d probably go with a Liquid Suede, might be a bit much with say Cherry Skies or Stone Fox, but Soft Spoken is a nice not-too-dark and not-too-light color leaning towards pink, Sandstorm also, but leaning more towards brown, Tea & Cookies also good, pinker still than Soft Spoken, depends what kind of look you’re going for really. Also option: a gloss with some color. The butter glosses are not bad at all.

          Do you need recommendations for brushes as well?

          You know what. Actually, when I think about it. Since you’re just starting out, I’d say just get the lot from H&M. It’s quite cheap and decent quality. If you’d like I could just pick out what I’d think you’d need from the site and you could review?

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          1. Haha, that’s a long list for going “you know what…” at the end xD

            Yes please! If you’re up to it I’d very much appreciate a list 🙂

            P.S. Are you a psychic? “Unless you’ve dyed your hair in some red-ish type color?” – My hair is now “chocolate brown” with a red undertone… 😮


          2. ..yea..apparently all that typing was required for my brain to wake up 😛 I’ll get back to you with some products later! (Should probably work just a wee bit?)

            Ach, sounds like an amazing color!


          3. Nu! Har jag en lista. Hade hoppats på att bara kunna skicka en länk men det vill sig som inte.

            1. Ansikte.
            BB cream: om du kan testa den är det bra så att du får rätt färg, testa på halsen, ansiktet ska liksom matcha färgen på halsen. Om du är osäker, ta ljusaste färgen. Applicera med händerna, jag har testat med borste och det känns inte som om det är meningen att man ska göra så.

            Fixerande puder: matcha med BB creamen, och köp en puderborste, ta den som är markerad premium quality.

            Concealer kan du ta om du har något du vill täcka över. Det blå under ögonen t.ex. (personligen tycker jag det är overkill, men det är ju en smaksak).

            Puderrouge; ta en ljus färg och applicera med en rougeborste, igen, premium quality, men ta ej den som är slanted, fattar ej vem som kom på att man ska applicera rouge med dem, funkar ej.

            2. Ögon
            Kit för ögonbryn: igen, testa färgen om du kan, annars skulle jag gå på mellanfärgen (de har tre olika färger att välja mellan, alltså inte de tre som är kitet utan 3 olika kit). Köp en borste till, smal, hård, slanted.

            Kajal, den som heter mjuk och ta den i brun. Du kan säkert sudda med fingrarna om du vill. Kom ihåg vässare! (De verkar inte ha twist up.)

            Du kan ju testa en liquid liner om du vill börja lära dig winged liner, men inte nödvändigt.

            Mascara: ta den som kommer i en vit förpackning. Om du vill se extra pigg ut kan du ta en ögonfransböjare, men igen, inte nödvändigt. Tips: lägg tre lager, låt torka lite mellan lagren.

            Skugga: singelskuggorna som H&M har är underbara. Jag skulle säga ta en som är i en brun nyans med lite metallic (metallic, inte glitter), vill du ha lite färg brukar en lila nyans kunna funka (jag har Wild Sable som är en lila som går åt brun, så den kan vara en bra nybörjarfärg, känner man sig inte så utklädd).

            Skulle också rekommendera en skugga i en vit/off-white färg, lägg i inre ögonvrån. I sådana fall behöver du 2 penslar, ta en ganska fluffig till den bruna skuggan och en lite mindre till den ljusa.

            Man kan också skippa kajalen, köpa en riktigt mörk skugga och köpa en smal pensel och lägga den som kajal. (Så gör jag ca 99 ggr av 100 nuförtiden.)

            3. Läppar
            Om du har tillgång till NYX är det värt att köpa ett Liquid Suede, men om du vill börja med att testa lite ska H&Ms lipstain vara helt OK. Ska sitta bra och bara ge lite nyans åt läpparna (igen, inte så utklädd).

            Tala gärna om vad du köper och hur det funkar!

            Också, om det står på produkterna hur de ska användas, läs och gör! Annars, om man känner sig osäker eller vill ha inspiration, kika på YouTube, finns massvis med bra tutorials. Också: testa gärna lite bara around the house, så brukar jag göra, övning ger färdighet liksom.

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