Make your neighbors love you in 5 easy steps

Get up really early in the morning, have your alarm be some guy shouting. Mine is currently some guy shouting THIS IS A WAKEUP CALL (because god how witty):

Helps if your walls are thin.

Break your shoes in by wearing them inside. You’ll need hard floors and no carpets though, and probably a proper shoe, i.e. not a trainer or similar.

Start your laundry/dishwasher at seven in the morning. On weekends especially!

Start your mornings by playing a mix of In Flames, Nine Inch Nails, Bring Me the Horizon and go heavy on the Architects. Forget sensible things like Tindersticks and Richard Hawley! I mean you may as well get a head start on your daily dose of Architects, right?

Be up at all hours. Last to bed first up. And do make sure that the last thing you do before heading to bed is watch some live material off of YouTube with crap sound quality.

Actually that’s not that crap; I’ve watched much worse.

I’m an excellent neighbor.


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