Sunday 7

Started watching Broad City. Like the rest of you I can’t wait for Gilmore Girls to be back; been searching for something to watch in the meantime. It’s an OK way to pass time. When you’re tired of having Amity Affliction shouting at you.

Dug out my mittens. In August. I fear the winter.

Got some last wear out of my shorts and short-sleeves before winter:


PS. Wearing the shorest shorts + poncho to not freeze your ass off. It makes much sense. + Behold the tiles in this bathroom! I wants it so bad. If I find an apartment for sale with this tiling, I’m having it. That’s all there’s to it.

In terms of makeup, halo was my absolute fave this week. Used all different colors, here’s the purple version, up close + from a distance (shows pretty good from afar too, no?):

Course. I was missing my NYX Full Throttle quad + a thick lick of liner by Friday, and why wouldn’t I be?

Love me some red shade, I really do.

Have been looking at London maps like a crazy person. Regretting deciding against going to Glasgow/Edinburgh. Oh the luxury of traveling sans maps and being able to walk all places! But that’ll have to wait till November.

Finally got my new glasses. And as per usual, they are made for people that’s not me. Price tag, nearly SEK 6,000. Kind of a lot for something that fits me so-so. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the invention of contacts. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Still, I like my new frames well enough to be excited about creating a few looks for glasses. It’ll be my last chance too, because I am now so blind that putting on makeup without contacts, it’s a gamble. Was hoping it was a light thing; turns out it’s not.

Conclusion of first week of commuting to work: I’m testy. So very testy. It’s either a result of the goddamn commuting or:

  1. PMS. Strikes me as slightly unlikely as my bleeding is kind of erratic. And I’m on day 69 in my cycle, strongly indicating kickstarting period using hormones is necessary.
  2. Hating work. It doesn’t deserve it, but I’m not the most sensible of people.
  3. General poor attitude.
  4. All of the above.


And apparently, we lost Architect’s Tom Searle on Saturday. I’m so not OK with that. It’s not fair.



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