#96 A song you’ve seen performed live

Again, truly this is a challenge. How do you pick one? It’s too soon to be mentioning Architects again, isn’t it?

I’m going to go with Jonathan Johansson’s Centrum. I’ve got two reasons: 1) I saw him when he toured Klagomuren (the album this song is on) and it was without a doubt one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and he had zero fancy gimmicks. Not that I know why fancy gimmicks would make any show better really. Good songs + good performance; it is truly all it takes. And 2) One of my favorite lines is in this song “Snart kommer tårarna ett regn i Sahara. Snart ska vi ångra, vad vi hoppades på.” (Soon there’ll be tears like a rain in the Sahara. Soon we’ll regret what we hoped for.) Just don’t ask me why I like it, because I don’t know. Could be something as simple as phrasing. I do, however, remember trying to convince my sister of the greatness of this line pre-show, trying to convince her she was really missing out. She remained unconvinced. For a while. He got to her too in the end.

So here you have it, the impossible to resist Jonathan Johansson:


signatur 1




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