#21 A song released this year

Obviously, I have to pick a song off of the latest Architect’s release. If there is one record you need to listen to this year it’s Architect’s All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. Why? Just do it, trust me, you won’t regret it.

Personal favorite: Gravity. But, honestly, if you don’t fall madly in love with A Match Made in Heaven, there is something wrong with you. Just listen to that intro.

If at first you don’t get it, give it another go. You’ll get there eventually, trust me.

Your fangirl,

signatur 1

4 thoughts on “100 DAY SONG CHALLENGE #21”

      1. Jamen typ Editors, av någon anledning (och fick inte ihop det med att du skulle gilla det, så det borde ju varit en ledtråd!).

        Haha, jaa, jag har ju redan bokat upp en vecka för att åka till Iceland Airwaves i November, så jag har inga semesterdagar kvar!



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