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Top 5 situations requiring tea

While unpacking. I’m a terrible packer and always end up packing half of everything I own, and I do own too many things. Unpacking is a lengthy business; tea is necessary.

what's in my bag

Cleaning. In the past I’ve had a glass of wine while cleaning, but there are certain risks involved with this habit (even if it is probably the only thing ever that can make cleaning anything like fun). One risk is cleaning being a bit..sloppy. There is also the risk of things breaking. Not that it’s a frequent occurrence, but there are a lot of close calls. I find that tea works a bit better than wine. Tea + a playlist including nothing but whatever song/s you’re loving at the moment. If that means listening to Famous Last Words on repeat for hours, so be it.

Long breakfast. Tea is basically a reason to spend a lot of time having breakfast. If there is no tea I have no interest in a long breakfast.


At 11 every single day at the office. Don’t expect me to stay at the office if I can’t have my cup of tea at 11. I will not.

When putting on makeup. Makeup and tea is an excellent combo. But do make sure to not apply the loose powder anywhere near the tea. I learned that the hard way.

needwood tea



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