h&m haul

Getting good ideas; shopping at H&M

Don’t you just love it when youtubers give you brilliant ideas? I was watching one of my favorites, Miss Budget Beauty, do an H&M haul where she mentioned buying a pair of jeans shorts in a size larger than she usually gets. Admittedly not a novel idea, I’m sure we all do this, I’d just never thought to do it with shorts.

So I just had to go to H&M. Obviously. Buying one thing only at H&M, not something I do.

First, the shorts! Actually love these, they were so soft and fitted me so well I bought two pairs. In two different sizes. Love both fits. And I usually hate H&M bottoms.

high waist shorts

If you get shorts you need tops. I got an over-sized t-shirt and a top thingy. The top has a quite deep cutout in the back. Love back cutouts.

t-shirt // top w/ cutout

And I picked up a few essentials while I was at it, leggings and dry shampoo. I recently got the Batiste XXL dry shampoo, but I am not entirely convinced that it’s not just a styling product, so a regular bottle was realized.

2-pack leggings, 60 den // 2-pack leggings 3/4 length // dry shampoo

Bit upset to find this:


Washing instructions in the leggings. Like honestly. There should be less of the washing instructions not more. If not for the environment then because no one can possibly wear the clothes with all these washing instructions, so what’s the point in having them there?


signatur 1



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