The red and the black; 2 dresses from ASOS

Ah yes, the dress! This wondrous piece of clothing. It is the solution to indecisiveness, i.e. no need to match top and bottoms, just on with the dress and you’re out, as well as  a way to spend as little time in a store as is humanly possible. Because trying on a dress in the store? What are you mad? You hold it up to see if it’s the size you want, having found the size, buy it, and live happily ever after.

There is no one piece of clothing as comfortable as a good dress. Comfortable not only in terms of not strangling any part of the body, but it will make you feel appropriately dressed in any situation. Possibly with the exception of at the gym. Not sure that would be entirely practical.

Why people insist on wearing jeans on a daily basis just a mystery to me.

Two of my most recent finds from ASOS:

Black dress. Empire waist. Worn with my favorite black H&M control top tights and a Mackintosh necklace. Probably wore it with my Converse.

Red dress. Actually oxblood according to ASOS. Button down. Black H&M leggings, choker and a pair of platforms with ankle straps.

Love both of these dresses; the short sleeves are just right and I’m in love with how this material falls. Comfortable and oh so 90s. Perfect everyday dresses.


signatur 1

2 thoughts on “The red and the black; 2 dresses from ASOS”

  1. They look great 🙂 I think i would like the red one more, i love dresses with buttons, even if they’re just for display.



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