What I’ve been watching on YouTube lately

Sometimes, my TV-provider calls me up asking if I’d like some new channels. Oh not for free obviously. Last time they called I informed them I couldn’t remember last time I turned on my TV; I was zero percent interested in whatever they had to offer.

So the poor sales-boy tried arguing that surely I streamed, surely that meant I had an interest in TV? JFC. Do you even know what streaming is? The whole point of streaming is having the choice when and where. Last I checked, that is not how TV worked.

Either way. With the occasional exception of a series loosely based on historic events, I mainly watch YouTube. 14-year-old me is living a fucking dream. It’s like having control of MTV.

I do watch vlogs, makeup tutorials and the likes, but mostly, I just watch music type material. Quite a lot of crap quality old MTV. This one is a favorite:

I’m sorry but I do love how absolutely ridiculous it is. PS. Read the presenter’s book The Kennedy Chronicles fairly recently, loved it. If you’re even mildly interested in MTV and 90s music, I do recommend giving it a read.

I’ve also been revisiting Nick Cave; thought I’d seen it all (managed to fit two instances of Nick Cave obsession into my life so far) but this was new to me:

“I want to tell you about a girl” just doesn’t get old. Also love it that they play all of the latest record. I’m obsessed with bands playing an entire album in order at shows. Obsessed.

Also enjoyed this ridiculous German interview with Blixa and Nick. In case you’re not interested in Blixa and/or Nick, but you do take an interest in language, you might still find this interesting:

Is this actually watchable/understandable if you understand German only? Knowing both languages it just makes me all sorts of confused. Unless it has nothing to do with knowing two languages; it’s two people speaking at once! How are you supposed to focus?

While I do despise people filming at shows, as I’m sure we all do, I do also love being able to watch a show that I’ve actually attended afterwards. Lately, I’ve been watching this one:

Quality is not something I bother with.


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