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Roddy? Or Thrice?

What would you choose? These guys in Edinburgh?

– More convenient date
– Scotland!
– Seen them before, much enjoyed
– I love this song. LOVE.

– I worry that their music is going in a direction I’m not a fan of (I’ve already been to one such gig this year, I was not happy)
– I’m already scheduled for Scotland in the fall, I worry I’ll get bored with Scotland
– Haven’t listened to much lately, according to my stats

Or these guys in London?

– Not seen before
– Listened to quite a bit lately (I mean, we’re not talking BMTH, but you know, for being another band)
– Not been to London in a while, and have no plans on going, so just for variation?
– Could buy lots of stuff I don’t need while I’m at it

– Not a terribly convenient date
– London (only marginally better than Stockholm)
– Actually extremely inconvenient date, I might have to fake illness

If only I could learn to love Stockholm. Or Gothenburg for that matter. Anywhere at all closer to home. But och alas, that is not my destiny. Apparently.

Or. I need a different job allowing lots of going away. Or better still, a job involving me not having to be at the office. How does one go about finding such a job?


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Weekend face; Wild Sable

I’ve been out of love with my purple and red shadows lately. But this weekend I woke up longing for some Wild Sable. And why wouldn’t you? Why do we keep resorting to browns and neutrals when we could be using colors that bring out the color of our eyes?


GOSH illuminating primer
Lumene longwear blur foundation (applied using hands, ganz wichtig! because I wanted a lighter coverage)
BareMinerals mineral veil (just a dash for good measure)
Makeup Revolution highlighter palette Radiance
NYX matte finish setting spray

Lumene eye shadow primer
H&M Wild Sable eyeshadow
GOSH eyeshadow palette To enjoy in New York (top row, middle shade, current favorite)
Makeup Store darkest brown shade in existence (it might have a name?)
NYX doll eye mascara
IsaDora perfect brow

I basically packed on the Wild Sable, a dash of the GOSH shadow in the inner corner + brow bone (might have been a bit generous in my application of the Wild Sable and used the GOSH shadow to blend some edges) and a tiny bit of the Makeup Store shadow along the lash lines (top + bottom).

Steps skipped: concealer, blush, eyeliner, 10 different shades of shadow. Makes quite a difference in terms of time; and who doesn’t love a simplified routine?


Not that I was going anywhere. I just wanted to put some makeup on.


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arktis meta

Arktis – my new favorite band

There is nothing a like more than a deeply pessimistic band. Which is why Arktis, without a doubt, is the best new band I’ve heard in a while.

There are so many reasons to love this band. Top 3 reasons:

  1. They’re called Arktis. Bea Uusma has taught us to love everything and anything related to Arktis.
  2. Metalcore in German. All music, and I mean all, is better in German. Truth universally acknowledged and all that.
  3. The track Hurra die Welt geht unter. Do I have to explain it? It’s obviously brilliant, doesn’t even need analysis.

You really should give it a listen.

Lots of love,

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Dirty Weekend, the movie

Have I mentioned lately that I love Dirty Weekend? I  l o v e  Dirty Weekend. Hands down favorite novel of all time. I was introduced to this masterpiece via Nina Björk’s Under det rosa täcket, which was on the reading list when I studied contemporary feminist literature. So at least I got something out of that course…

What I love about Dirty Weekend is how it’s written in the style of a fairytale, and I do love a good story of revenge. It’s also short and snappy, and Zahavi is really quite good at creating tension.

Anyway. That’s not the point here; I’m not going to try to convince you this is the best novel ever (I mean it is, purely objectively), you can go right ahead and hate it. Which seems to be what most people do anyway. So.

I’ve known for a while Dirty Weekend was made into a movie in the early 90s. Terrible movie apparently. (See IMDB.) Because I’m completely obsessed with the book – I read it at least once a year, frequently when I read terrible books to remind myself that there are good books – I have been looking for the movie. I just had to see it, even if was terrible. Considering the fact that A. most people seem to hate the book too, and B. I sometimes don’t agree with IMDB (what do you mean the 1993 The Three Musketeers is not the best movie ever!?!?) – I figured there was a fair chance I’d still like it.

I didn’t. At all. Not even a little. It wasn’t even vile. Or violent, which you might expect if you read the book.

I just wanted to say that I’m disappointed. And I don’t handle disappointment well (in the words of Diamanda, obviously).

And I was so happy when I finally stumbled on it on YouTube; I’ve been looking for this movie for basically forever. And I generally struggle to find any movie at all that I feel even the slightest inclination towards watching. I never thought I’d say this, but I even prefer Baise-Moi, which is just vile. But that’s always something.

I just wish someone would have made it into a cartoon instead. I am so sure that would have worked so incredibly well for this particular story. Oh well.


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Pimm’s o’clock

Up until now, my favorite glass of Pimm’s was in 2013, at Glasgow’s Moskito, beautiful warm summer’s day. Perfect fruits/peppermint/Pimm’s ratio. I mean really, Pimm’s all about what and the amount of fruits and peppermint you add, right?

That was until my sister whipped this up yesterday:


We had a wee picnic out back on our parent’s deck; Pimm’s and a vegan pizza (hoummus, oregano, portabello, black olives, love how rustic it turned out) with a rocket + radish + cucumber salad.


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1. Red button front dress, short sleeve. Saw this one on ASOS, can’t get it out of my mind. Think I need it when I go to Glasgow in November. I always shop for fall, summer is just a period to endure. The last few dresses I ordered, also from ASOS, were short sleeved, and I really liked them, so I feel I need at least one more.

2. NYX matte lipstick in the shade Minx. I’m in the market for a brown/beige type color, I think this will be just perfect.

3. Black button front dress, long sleeve. Obsessed with the button front, you always need one in black and with a long sleeve. This one is also from ASOS.

4. Young Catherine (film). I love historical pictures (let’s use pictures a collective name for movies and series, shall we?); I’ve already seen it, in the 90s, and I recall loving it. Obviously it’s about Russia’s Catherine the Great. Keep looking for it but not finding it. (I.e. doesn’t ship to/stream in Sweden). With any luck it’s about as good as rewatching Beauty and the Beast as an adult (the Linda Hamilton series), keep looking for it tho.

5. Decent platform boots. You always need a good pair of platform boots. Maybe a pair of Dr Martens Jadon? Or not. Because they’re made of cows. But something similar.

6. Baby doll dress. Technically, this is a black smock dress from ASOS, but I would call it a baby doll dress. And I need it. It’s a style missing in my wardrobe as of late.

7. Good chai tea. My regular tea place currently has no regular chai (!!???!!) – desperately trying to find another brand that does an OK version. So far coming up with nothing, I’ve worked my way through all the brands I like and still nothing that’s good enough. I recall M&S having a good one back in… 2013 maybe? Reason enough to visit the UK sooner than November?

8. Black dress, white collar. I quite like this one at Zalando, not entirely convinced that it’s a good style for me. But oh how I wants it. Clearly, this is my style inspiration:


If that wasn’t obvious already.

9. News from Architects. Just to make sure they’ll be doing the UK/Europe tour as planned in the fall. If not, I’m going to have to change my travel plans again. Or not as much have to as I might want the option of being able to change my plans if I don’t feel like staying in Glasgow for that long (not that I know why I wouldn’t). Also, if all goes to plan, I also want to get tickets to see them in Sweden. Only because it was a convenient date; I’m not crazy. Am I?

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Record of note

If today was Monday, and I was Roddy Hart, this would be my record of note:


Current 93’s Soft Black Stars

Before streaming, this record was less than easy to get your hands on (if you lived in the middle of nowhere in Sweden that is); the fact that it’s available on Spotify just seems so wrong and so right at the same time.

It’s the perfect record for times when you need to focus. It’s just enough to shut out the world while not insisting on too much of your attention.

I just love the piano on this record, it’s my favorite type of piano (or one of; it’s possible I like Nick Cave-style piano just as much). There just aren’t enough records like this.


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