The best workout

This is all you need for the best workout ever:

  1. Rope (Primark, £1, clearly a steal)
  2. Bouncy shoes
  3. Bluetooth speaker (best purchase 2015, easy)

A timer of some sort is a bonus; you could do intervals. I usually do intervals for 15 minutes, work 45 seconds, rest 15, and if that’s not enough, I put on my favorite song and jump until I can’t breathe.

Tip: be extra witty and listen to In Flame’s Ropes. In addition to Bring Me the Horizon’s Throne, obvs, no workout is complete without Throne.

If anything could convince me of moving, it would be moving to a house with some sort if wooden deck, because it’s the best for jumping rope.

If you remain unconvinced of the superiority of rope jumping, maybe Popsugar can convince you?

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